County Maps Bike Paths and Closures

The Los Angeles County Department of Public Works has created an interactive map of bicycle paths countywide.

Whether you're an avid cyclist or a weekend beach cruiser, mixing it up and riding around in different spots can be a great way to explore the rest of Los Angeles County.

The Department of Public Works has created a Google Map of bike paths all over the county maintained by its offices, Metro and the Department of Transportation. The map shows which routes are closed, the reason for the closure and lists future closures. 

In Brentwood there are a few bikeways, including a bike route and lane on San Vicente Boulevard and the Sepulveda Boulevard bike route that runs from Constitution Avenue, then east onto Montana Avenue.

The map describes the four types of commuter bikeways listed: bike paths, those routes used for cyclists and pedestrians only; bike lanes, a marked section of street lanes dedicated to bicycles; bike routes, travel lanes shared by bikes and vehicles; bike boulevards, streets with traffic-calming enhancements to prioritize bike travel.  

You can also search the map by address or intersection and separate the different bikeways by which agency maintains them. Click here to view the interactive bike path map.


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