Traffic Officers Deployed on 'As-Needed' Basis

Officials look at the potential for gridlock at intersections near the 405 Freeway to determine whether more traffic officers should be deployed.

You may have noticed by now that there have been uniformed persons with reflective vests directing traffic at various intersections near the 405 Freeway.

They're called traffic officers and when they aren't handing out 3.2 million parking citations annually, they're deployed to troubled intersections by the Los Angeles Department of Transportation.

Traffic officers go through three weeks of training, one week of which is exclusively for traffic control, according to a City spokesperson.

Some during the first week that two major , at a cost of an estimated $75,000-$100,000, a City spokesperson told Patch.

The traffic officers, meant to keep cars from blocking an intersection and enforce the right-of-way, were initially scheduled for the week of June 25-29, but officials decided to extend the deadline.

This week, there were 34 traffic officers at nine locations. Each week, officials will on an "as-needed" basis decide whether various intersections near the 405 are prone to gridlock.

Which intersection is the worst? Where do you think the City should continue to place traffic officers? Tell us in the comments.


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