North of Montana Tops Richest U.S. Zip Codes

With an average household net worth of just under $1.5 million, the 90402 zip code ranks among the richest in America, according to businessweek.com.

The charming homes along the wide, tree-lined streets north of Montana Avenue are among the priciest in the nation, and those who live in them, among the wealthiest.

The 90402 zip code, which includes North of Montana, was ranked the 10th richest in America in 2011 by businessweek.com. The Santa Monica zip code was out-ranked by its neighbors to the east in Beverly Hills—the richest on the West coast—and Bel Air, which ranked No. 6.

The results are based on data gathered by Gadberry Group, which looked at zip codes in America where there are more than 100 homes, then ranked them based on average income and net worth of households.

It found that the average household income of the 5,452 residences in 90402 was $266,243 and the average household net worth $1.49 million.

To view the 50 richest zip codes in America in 2011, visit the Business Week website here.

To learn more about the North of Montana neighborhood, click here.


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