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VNC Election and Congress 33rd VBP Endorsements!!!
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Like they say, opinions are like a holes and everyones got one. We got one,More it's this article, enjoy. Please comment too, we're wearing out shet masks!
Do VNC Elections discriminate against undocumented
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Does the VNC discriminate against undocumented workers who reside in Venice? WeMore explore the issue! Whose idea was it not to have at least one seat for UNDOCUMENTED individuals who OBVIOUSLY live in Venice. Some are housed, some are unhoused.
An Amazing Race for Congress 33rd!!!!
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Summary of the Amazing Race for Congress 33rd, the Waxman seat.
Congress 33rd Candidates and Election Corruption
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Want to hear the truth the LA Times won't write about, we will. Listen to thisMore story about corruption in the 33rd election!!!!
No More BUSH - No More Obama - Vote Libertarian!!!
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Democraps and republicans voted to domestically spy on you. They both voted toMore increase your taxes so they could waste it by sending 85.5 BILLION our your tax dollars to Afghanistan NEXT YR!!!
No More Bush, No More Obama - Vote Libertarian!!!
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There's a lot of reasons not to vote dem or rep, here's a few.
End the Fed?
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Thoughts on Libertarian positions and some other things too like 7 vegan habits thatMore really work, oh s the kings are on, gotta go.
No Democraps - No Rebloodlicans - Vote Libertarian
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Henry Waxman is retiring but who's going in? Are the Ron Paul LibertariansMore pulling from liberal conservatives and conservative liberals?
No More Bush No More OBAMA - Vote Libertarian!!!!
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It's time to vote out the Democraps and Rebloodlicans who voted to spy on you andMore send 85.5 billion of your tax dollars to Afghanistan next yr!
The Amazing race for Congress 33rd! Time to Vote!
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No more Bush - No more OBAMA - Vote Libertarian Mark M. Herd and join the Ron PaulMore Revolution!!! Thank you from the Ron Paul Libertarians of SoCal. www.voteherd.com