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Gary R. Engler
11845 W Olympic Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90064
Gary R. Engler is a certified public accounting firm. It provides services such as IRS representation, estate andMore retirement planning, bookkeeping, tax preparation and audits. The firm also hosts educational seminars.
Sullivan Canyon Preservation Association
1640 Old Oak Rd, Los Angeles, CA 90049

It's a park, it's a trail, it's a track, it's a canyon.

The Sullivan Canyon Preservation Association (SCPA) isMore all of the above.

Turn north on Riviera Road from Sunset, drive past horse heaven Old Ranch Road, hang a right on Old Oak and there you are. 

The small parking lot has an unmistakable scent in the air, and weathered nopal cacti screen the view of the Main Arena, Dressage Arena, Pony Ring, Round Lunging Pen and Sycamore Turnout.

Past the entrance you'll see tracks (which include some cross country fences) and the hillside trails that are available to equestrians. Horseback access is limited to paid members.

Landscaping is staged to preserve native plants and minimize invasive species and conserve water by utilizing drought-tolerant plants, as well as creating rivulets to catch rainwater and add to the groundwater.

The park is free and open from dawn to sundown daily for bird-watching, hiking, meditating and dog-walking as long as you clean up after yourself and your dog.

The SCPA is a charitable organization recognized as exempt under IRS code section 501(c)(3). SCPA's goal is to preserve this beautiful open space for public access, equestrian and equestrian-friendly uses. 

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