WATCH: Pali High Drops, Covers and Holds On During Earthquake Drill

The high school participated in the 2012 Great California ShakeOut on Thursday.

At approximately 10:18 a.m. on Thursday morning along with more than 9.4 million participants across the state, Palisades Charter High School simulataneously practiced the "drop, cover and hold on" earthquake preparedness drill as part of the Great California ShakeOut. 

It's an annual drill at Pali High, but this year the students had a special assembly at the Stadium by the Sea following Great ShakeOut. 

"We routed them to the field which we’d never do," said Principal Pam Magee. "The drill went well. There were people out scanning hallways, making sure people followed through."

Campus aide Mary Medina was directing students evacuating campus to avoid taking the underground walkway to the field, and instead use Bowdoin Street, given the precaution that older structures could buckle and collapse during a real earthquake.  

"It was very organized, but in reality this wouldn't happen," she said about Thursday's drill. 

The more than 9.4 million statewide participants included businesspersons, government officials, emergency responders, people in their homes, and students, teachers and administrators in schools and colleges.

The www.ShakeOut.org website, managed by the Southern California Earthquake Center at the University of Southern California, is the global location for registering to participate in any of 16 Official ShakeOut Regions, as well as any other state or country. The site also includes planning and safety information for schools, households, businesses, organizations and government agencies so they can prepare for serious earthquakes, get through them safely, and be able to have a survivable post-quake existence when essential services are likely to be disrupted for days or weeks. 


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