VIDEO: Brentwood School Students Hug the Coral Trees

Students tie orange ribbons with note to 10 Brentwood coral trees to encourage fundraising their care.

Will you hug Brentwood's coral trees?

Ten coral trees along the San Vicente Boulevard median got some love from Brentwood School students Thursday, as a dozen members of the Benefactor Civic Leadership Board tied orange ribbons with a message to encourage their care.

"They're an icon of the neighborhood," said Sam Takowsky, a junior. "We need to raise the money."

"This is a symbol for L.A.," added Adam Schwartz, a junior.

Since the city does not help with the coral tree's upkeep, it is up to Brentwood to care for them financially. Click this link to learn more about the community council's endowment fund aimed to keep the trees healthy. Some businesses are giving percentages of their take to the fund, including Coral Tree Cafe and Whole Foods.

The council's environmental committee looked at an irrigation idea for Brentwood's approximate 130 coral trees last year. However, further research showed that sprinkler heads could negatively affect the trees' roots, so the council will continue brainstorming methods to save the trees.

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