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Task Force Meets to Discuss Pali High Noise Issues

If you're a parent or neighbor affected by quality of life issues near Pali High campus, subscribe to their newsletter to stay looped on the latest discussions.

As Palisades Charter High School begins taking a closer look to address concerns from nearby neighbors about noise levels, school officials want to make sure the community knows how to receive timely updates since the matter was reintroduced in September. 

In a community letter last week Principal Pamela Magee said an eight-member task force, comprised of school administrators, affected community members, parents and students, met on Oct. 4 to begin talks about noise and light levels at the stadium and pool, as well as the early morning and late evening hours of use at the school's football stadium and pool.

To receive information from their upcoming meetings, Magee added to sign-up at dolphinupdates@palihigh.org. She said the task force will be able to identify what the school needs to do.

"We've had several experts come in looking at noise and loud speakers," Magee said in a phone interview. "Several people are coming on campus to look at the noise. We are continuing the process to identify what the concerns are."

Of note, Pali High also aims to bring in revenue from outside groups to use campus facilities due to district budget cuts. 

In her Oct. 18 letter, Magee highlights the message from the September community meeting:

During that meeting we heard the concerns of many community members and started a list of issues--based on your concerns--with the ultimate goal of finding and implementing attainable solutions to these and other issues so we can build bridges between the school, students and community and co-exist and thrive together in a productive and peaceful way.

Residents most affected by light and noise coming from the Pali High campus reside on Radcliffe Avenue, El Medio Avenue, Haverford Avenue and smaller streets in the neighborhood across Temescal Canyon Road.

When asking readers on our Facebook page Monday if they received the school's letter, here's one response received:

Alan Reed The noise level at many games and events is horrific and completely innapropriate. The volume and amplification is much too loud and does effect the quality of life. Anything to do to end it I am all for it.

Shirley Coleman October 25, 2012 at 01:46 AM
I live at 817 Radcliffe. Greatest annoyance is the totally unnecessary cacophony of car horns from 7.25 to 7.50 a.m. Sometimes I work late, but sleeping in on school mornings is impossible. I would like to see police officers giving tickets for disturbing the peace! Evening and weekend noise from events on the football field seems to be louder than ever before (We have been here 30 years) S. Coleman
Greg Heidt October 25, 2012 at 05:35 AM
I think it is great that Pali High students and others in the Palisades community are enjoying the campus. Use of the pool, stadium, fields, etc... I'm all for it.
will November 07, 2012 at 04:19 AM
Seriously... What is that shrieking metronome device the band uses? it's louder and higher pitched than the entire band combined! it's past 8pm and they are still going strong. Dont they have anything to study? Is this horrible racket and lack of respect for the community helping the fact that Pali is 351 in the state? My windows are closed and it's still really loud. What gives pali high? Dont get me started on the pep rally, that idiot screaming into the mic every 20 seconds...wooooooohoooooo... for 45minutes! One of the greatest qualities of the palisades is that it is peaceful and quiet. Pali high unapologetically reduces the quality of life in this neighborhood. Thank you for the slap in the face pali high. -Haverford Resident
Campbell Britton, PhD February 06, 2013 at 11:58 PM
I would like to join the task force. How do I do it? I am a Ph.D., an experienced educator, a former professional musician and performer who now lives on Haverford. I care greatly about the students at Pali High, and their musical education. It is now 3:50 pm Feb. 12, 2013, and (completely fed up) I just went personally to Pali High's main office to explain the simple fix that should (indeed, must) be implemented to reduce the amplification during band practices. It is astoundingly easy. I walk daily in Temescal Gateway Park, and the drumming and that metronome device can be heard even at the deep end of the park near Stewart Hall. I left a hand-written message for the current principal, who was in a meeting. I hope to hear from her, but found that the office staff has opted to make excuses and pretend that the problem is already solved. Two years ago I phoned the then principal, making my simple suggestion. She implemented it and for two weeks the sound situation was greatly improved. In other words, there are NO significant developments as yet in controlling the band practice sound level. I am volunteering to sit on the Task Force and lend whatever help and credibility I can. Direct me, please? -- Dr. Campbell Britton


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