Promoting and Voting Could Help Pali High Receive $100,000

With voting open through Saturday, the school could earn a $100,000 grant through State Farm Insurance's "Celebrate My Drive" campaign.

A media group teamed up with this week for State Farm Insurance's "Celebrate My Drive" campaign, asking the communty to vote through Saturday, Sept. 15 to help win $100,000 for the school.

Pali High students have suffered the loss of friends, siblings and peers in the last few years due to car collisions, according to Gail Schenbaum Lawton of Streetwise Media. She said the students recognize the need to come together to find real solutions to transform attitudes and save lives.

"Students were out in droves on Sunday [at the farmer's market] spreading awareness of State Farm's "Celebrate My Drive" campaign for a chance to win $100,000 for their school," she said. "They have canvassed the town, placed fliers in businesses and sent out an amazing amount of emails and Facebook posts to get everyone to vote daily from today through Saturday, Sept 15."

Winning will help Pali with much needed funding and allow Streetwise Media to implement its powerful safe driving program in additional schools. Students embraced the In One Instant school safe driving program and now have an on-campus club to keep its message top of mind throughout the year.

"We're an incredible community," Lawton added. "Let's come together and win!"

For more information on how to vote, .


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