Pali High Task Force Prioritizes Campus Noise and Light Issues

A better system to monitor facility use, enforce hours and behavior on Pali High property, as well as quieting the use of pool whistles are a couple of updates to address neighbor concerns.

Several updates and changes to the noise and lighting issues affecting abutting neighbors to Palisades Charter High School are in the works, according to Principal Pamela Mcgee, who emailed the community last week.

From the monthly meetings of the community task force that followed the town hall meeting in September, Mcgee said the school has:

  1. Implemented a new event management system (EMS) that will go live soon. All facilities and permit usage will be managed through the EMS. Pali High will also implement a new facility permitting process and contract in January that will include a new code of conduct and rules of use for all facilities users, including prohibitions of certain types of noise. New rules signs will also be printed and posted around the facilities and an available permit supervisor (contact details to come) will be on site during facility uses to enforce the rules and permitted hours of operation. Together, Mcgee said they expect this to help them better monitor facilities usage and enforce hours, rules and behavior on school property.
  2. Pool whistles have been replaced with quiet whistles and coaches are also reducing use of whistles during non-essential practices.
  3. The existing field lights have been reoriented towards the field and a representative from Musco Lighting will be on site in January to provide recommendations regarding a new efficient lighting system and a possible retrofit option for the existing lights to reduce light spillage beyond the field. Also, the tunnel lights have been repaired and lit to increase safety and are now awaiting new fixtures.
  4. Subject to limited and permitted exceptions and scheduled Pali High sporting competitions, each of which may periodically run past 9 p.m., the Stadium will now close at 9 p.m. sharp, rather than 10 p.m.. The pool is closing earlier on weekends (Saturdays at 4 pm and Sundays at 3 p.m.) and at 8 p.m. during the week, with the exception of Monday and Wednesday night water polo practice which ends at 9 p.m
  5. PA speakers across campus have been repaired/updated allowing the quad and Stadium speakers to be run independently, as well as allowing independent volume control of each Stadium PA pole. Morning announcements will now be restricted to the quad PA and the Stadium PA will be calibrated and monitored at all events by a Pali High employee to reduce volume levels and noise leakage, as appropriate.
  6. While an accord has no been reached regarding the late night marching band practices or metronome amplification, we are actively exploring a number of options, including schedule and practice location adjustments, as well as a means to isolate the sound of the metronome to the field only.

In her letter, Mcgee added that they realize they still have many issues to address and resolve, and are committed to continue working together to find "attainable and affordable solutions" so that Pali High and neighboring community can build a positive relationship that benefits all.

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