Pali High Football Beats Fairfax 29-28 in Last Second Scramble [VIDEO]

In front of a standing-room only homecoming crowd, watch quarterback Taylor Mensik scramble to the end zone as the final seconds of the game tick down.

The Palisades Charter High School football team made it a homecoming to remember Friday night, as well as sent a message across the league about their aspirations for City 1 Division Playoffs.

After a rough loss to Fairfax last year, Pali High won 29-28 on Friday night in a last second incredible touchdown run engineered by quarterback Taylor Mensik. Watch this submitted video of Mensik scrambling all over the field, avoiding tackles and then diving into the end zone to bring Pali to 27-28 with 29 seconds left on the clock. Pali then converted the two-point conversion.

After a very tough 2011 season going 2-8, Pali High football in 2012 is playing well, going 4-3 overall and 2-0 in Western League play in the CIF- L.A. City Division.

On Monday, Head Coach Perry Jones said the team's really happy with the homecoming win. He contributed their success this year to toughening up against talented southern section teams in the city division.

"When we got to city section, our kids felt like, 'They are in our division, we should be able to play with these guys,'" Jones said, noting they didn't execute as well as they thought against Fairfax but they came out with the win. "Friday was our best test for a very good team. [Fairfax] always gets into the playoffs. We almost matched them score for score. And then at the end, be able to pull it out."

"Our kids are seeing their hard work pay out," Jones added.

Pali High plays Westchester High School this week and the Dolphins have never earned a victory against them, Jones noted. He said Monday he was going to watch film from the Fairfax game.

"We need to focus on their defense," he said. "They have a good defense and they are able to adjust it very, very quickly. And when they adjust it very quickly, our offense needs to adapt to that, and note to that and correct the changes. Number two, they throw the ball, and we have to sit on our defensive backs."

The Palisades Charter High School Facebook Page got some serious love after Friday's big win. Go Pali High!

Thanks to Stephen Ghysels for submitting video of the game! If you're a Pali High parent, you can always submit photos and video of your sports team to PacificPalisades@patch.com! 


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