Pali High Cheerleader Claims Coach Encouraged Fighting

High school reports suspending Palisades Charter High School cheerleading coach following claims students were forced to fight to settle differences.

A Palisades Charter High School cheerleading coach has been suspended and administrators are investigating claims that cheerleaders were forced to fight to settle differences, KTLA reports.

Junior Cimone Holloway said she was being bullied by other cheerleaders and was at odds with one teammate over a boy. The coach reportedly told the students to settle their differences physically.

The student says the coach asked the whole squad to "pinky swear" not to tell anyone outside the team about the fighting.

Holloway told her mother, Tonya Humes, who reportedly asked the coach what happened and was told her daugther fell during a stunt. However, a video of the fight surfaced and police did not take a report. Humes told KTLA she's hired lawyers to seek justice.

Calls made Wednesday morning to Pali High Principal Pamela Mcgee were not immediately returned.

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Brenda Barnes February 24, 2013 at 11:15 PM
If this turns out to be true, the worst thing about it is not the fighting--which is indefensible and such a mistake in judgment that any teacher who handled things that way should be warned--but the pinky-swearing not to tell anyone, which shows awareness of guilt and requires firing. My grandchildren are second-generation home-schooled, and this hiding of things from parents is one of the reasons why. My husband and I were teachers before we had our son. We saw so much controlling of kids and total incompetence among teachers and particularly administrators that we could not turn our son over to them. The state-run educational system could be fixed to not brainwash and mistreat kids, not spend all day every day boring them and teaching them to be robots, and not take away control from parents--but those changes are a long way off. I have, however, seen a few great high school teachers lately. The one I know of particularly is a professional in his field who for the first time late in life became a teacher. I think that's really the best, to have competent people first and then make them teachers. On the other hand, particularly coaches are so hit-and-miss truly terrible in some cases--one we know never played the sport or had any education in coaching, but there she is because she's a woman. Others are spectacular good influences on children. Parents need to have control to make sure we have more of the latter type and none of the former.


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