County Parties Endorse Candidates in the Los Angeles City Elections

The Los Angeles County Democratic and GOP parties announce their endorsements for candidates running in the L.A. City elections, held March 5.

With local elections less than two weeks away, the Los Angeles County Democratic and Republican parties have for the most part decided which candidates they're backing.

The Republican Party has endorsed Kevin James for mayor, while the L.A. County Democrats have not come to a consensus on which candidate to back.

The other candidates running for mayor include L.A. City Councilwoman Jan Perry; Emanuel Pleitez, Chief Strategy Officer at L.A.-based technology company Spokeo; L.A. City Councilman Eric Garcetti; L.A. City Controller Wendy Greuel; former L.A. County and federal worker Addie Miller, factory production worker Norton Sandler and Yehuda Draiman, council secretary for the Northridge East Neighborhood Council.

The Democratic Party has endorsed Assemblyman Mike Feuer for city attorney and Ron Galperin, business owner and attorney, for city controller. The party also gave its endorsements to Bob Blumenfield, Paul Koretz, Felipe Fuentes, Mike Bonin and Joe Buscaino for their bids in the Los Angeles City Council race.

The Republican Party is tipping its hat to William Morrison, Joyce Pearson and Jesse Barron for City Council; and endorsed Jozef Thomas Essavi, Ernest Henry Moreno and Tom Oliver for the Community College District Board.

For a complete list of all certified candidates, visit the Los Angeles City Registrar’s website, or find the list attached to the right.

If you'd like to vote by mail, your application must be received by the Office of the City Clerk by Tuesday. The deadline to submit your vote-by-mail ballot in the March 5 elections is March 4.

Click here to learn how to find your polling place.

If you plan on voting, let us know who you’re casting your ballot for and why in the comments section below. 

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Spirit Of Venice February 22, 2013 at 05:03 PM
John hacker February 22, 2013 at 08:16 PM
Why do you sheeple waste your time with these crooks. When will you learn? Politicians are all liars and thieves. Especially the ones who run the federal government. They tell you idiots what you what to hear, then help themselves to your dollars.
Joseph February 22, 2013 at 08:56 PM
It's more or less who we think is going to screw us over the least.
nonoise February 22, 2013 at 09:05 PM
I agree. I certainly would not vote for anyone that has worked for the city in the last 5 years.
Timothy Ferris February 22, 2013 at 09:46 PM
SOV seems to be the only one waving a banner for Mike Bonin.
Peter Choi February 23, 2013 at 01:21 AM
Cynicism never solved anything.
Spirit Of Venice February 23, 2013 at 01:45 AM
Timothy, I don't know whether you just don't care about the truth or if you just posted without having read the previous articles and posts, but there has been a plethora of different people posting here in support of Bonin - I can see 4 different pro-Bonin posters' submissions on the page right now. - The following is a PARTIAL list of prominent individuals and organizations throughout California and the Greater Los Angeles Area who have gone on record in PATCH as supporting and endorsing MIKE BONIN for City Council : - U.S. Congresswoman - JANICE HAHN - U.S. Congresswoman - KAREN BASS - U.S. Senator - TED LIEU - Former State Senator - SHEILA KUEHL - THE LOS ANGELES TIMES - THE LOS ANGELES DEMOCRATIC PARTY - L.A. City Deputy Mayor - TORI OSBORN - West Hollywood Mayor - JEFF PRANG - Long Beach Vice Mayor - ROBERT GARCIA - THE L. A. LEAGUE OF CONSERVATION VOTERS - THE SIERRA CLUB - California Democratic Party Regional Director - SERGIO CARRILLO - 42d District Assemblyman - MIKE FEUER - L.A. City Councilman - BILL ROSENDAHL - L.A. City Council President - HERB WESSON - 13th District L.A. City Councilman - ERIC GARCETTI - Concerned Residents Against Air Pollution - The Gay And Lesbian Victory Fund - La Puente School Board Member - ANTHONY DUARTE - Heal The Bay Director -MARK GOLD - California Air Resources Board Chairman - MARY NICHOLS - CONT
Spirit Of Venice February 23, 2013 at 01:54 AM
Continued 2 
- L.A.Board of Public Works Vice President - JERILYN LOPEZ MENDOZA - 
United Service Workers West President - MIKE GARCIA - Brentwood Community Council Chairperson - NANCY FREEDMAN 
Calif. League of Conservation Voters Education Fund - CLIFF GLADSTEIN 
 Mar Vista Community Council Chairperson - SHARON COMMINS 
 Green L.A. Director - JONATHAN PARFREY 
Westside Neighborhood Council President - JAY HANDAL 
Mar Vista Green Committeewoman - SHERI AKERS 
Westside Regional Alliance of Councils Chairperson - MIKE NEWHOUSE 
Political Blogger and Activist - MARTA AVERY 
Westside Neighborhood Council Head - TERRI TIPPIT 
 S.C. Air Program for the Natural Resources Defense Council Director - DAVIG PETTIT 
Neighborhood Council Of Westchester-Playa Vista members - MORA MCLENNAN, EOFF MALEMAN 
L.A. Community Garden Councilperson - GLEN DAKE 
Pacific Pallisades Community Council former leader - HALDIS TOPPEL 
L.A. Prop. O Oversight Advisory Councilperson - ADI LIBERMAN 
Pacific Pallisades Community Council former leader - NORMAN KULLA 
Environmental Lawyer - JAN CHATTEN-BROWN 
Venice Neighborhood Council former President - SUZANNE THOMPSON 
 Sustainable Business and Green Technologies Leader - SANDY ITKOFF 
Generation Water Founder and CEO - MARCUS CASTAIN 
Spirit Of Venice February 23, 2013 at 02:01 AM
CONT.3 - 
Del Rey Neighborhood Council former member - MARLENE SAVAGE 
L.A. Clean Tech Incubator Executive Director - FRED WALTI 
Clean Tech Incubator Los Angeles Chairman - MIKE SWORDS - ---------- - Some other community members endorsing Mike Bonin : - Dan Abrams Reza Akef Everett Alexander Cory Allen Kate Anderson Sean Arian Ben Arnon Brandon Azbill Tina Badakshan Joe Barden Daryl Barnett Alan Bernstein Melanie Berry Suzanne Biegel Brian Bookman Stephen Boskin Sara Brooks Ben Brown John Laurence Buckley Bill Butterfield David Card LJ Carusone Alan Cassman Mary Ellen Cassman Marcus Castain Keith Ceeley Jeff Christensen Travis Clarke Sharon Commins Danna Cope Steve Cron John Crosse Jennifer Dakoske-Koslu Stacy Dalgleish Brian Daly Linda Daly Bobby Danelski Kirsten Danelski Daniel De Souza Greg Dina Donald Duckworth JR Dzubak Doug Eisenstark Duncan Elkinson Randy Ellevold Andrea Epstein Marta Evry David Ewing Susan Fitch-Duffy Todd Flora David Formeister Max Franco Nancy Franco Nancy Freedman Kathryn Frengs John Frierson William Fulco Jay Goldberg Sandy Goldfarb Greg Good Alice Graham Melissa Grant Ruth Greene Linda Guagliano CONT.
Spirit Of Venice February 23, 2013 at 02:06 AM
CONT. 4 Monick Halm Jay Handal Clabe Hartley Thea Hartley Susan Haskell Melvyn Hayward David Herbst Terra Hughes Michael Jimenez Hillary Johnson Vincent Jones Monique Kagan Sydney Kamlager Larry Kaplan Nate Kaplan Matt Kasdan   
Anais Kelly   
Michael Kelly   
Jim Kennedy   
Max Kennedy   
Vicki Strauss Kennedy   
James Kilcup   
Matt Kline   
Phillip Knight   
Jacqueline Koci   
Bill Koontz   
Norman Kulla   
Jeanne Kuntz   
Heidi Lemmon   
David Levitus   
Ron Lowe   
Lynne Lyman   
Alan Mabry   
Doug MacLellan   
Nora MacLellan   
Terry Marcellus   
Jill Marcellus   
Amanda Marie   
Keith Martin   
Amber Martinez   
Jay Matthew   
Josh Mauna   
Mike McIntosh   
Eloy Mendez   
Mindy Meyer   
Sheila Mickelsen   
Allen Miller   
Tim Miller   
Jonathan Millikan   
Susan Millman   
Richard Modiano   
Madeleine Moore   
David Moring   
Sandy Moring   
Diane Moss   
Stan Muhammad   
Peter Najera   
Mike Newhouse   
Len Nguyen   
William Nuttle   
Patrick O-Heiffernan   
Kelly Olsen   
Debra Padilla   
Kathy Paspalis   
Matthew Pauley   
Eric Paulson   
Booker Pearson   
Anthony Perez   
Ana Petrova   
Tom Ponton John Posatko   
Joe Provisor   
Celestina Quebec  - CONT. 
Spirit Of Venice February 23, 2013 at 02:10 AM
CONT. 5 
- Perry Radford   
Vignesh Ram   
Chuck Ray   
Dorothy Reik   
Bill Resnick   
David Roberti   
Cara Robin   
Diana Rodgers   
Gail Rodgers   
Scott Rosemond   
Julia Rosen   
Dara Rosencrans   
Mike Ryan   
Tom Safran   
Marlene Salazar   
Laurie Sale   
Marc Saltzberg    
Betty Sassano   
Denny Schneider   
Nan Schneider   
David Scholnick   
Paul Schrade  Perry Seiwert   
Charlie Sena  
Maggie Shackelford   
Dan Sharkey   
Joe Shaw   
David Shuga   
Daniele Smith   
Janine Smith   
Patti Soboroff   
Steve Soboroff   
Mark Sokol   
Jeff Solomon   
Cedric Sutherland   
Michael Swords   
Carol Tantau   
Mindy Taylor-Ross   
Suzanne Thompson   
Haldis Toppel   
Kurt Toppel   
Josh Touber   
Viet Tran   
Jataune Valentine   
Val Velasco   
Raymundo Vizcarra   
Valerie Voboril   
Steve Voboril   
Theo von Hoffman   
Todd von Hoffman   
Cheryl Walker   
Cheryl Walker   
Phil Wallace   
Lois Webb   
Stephen Weir   
Christine Weiss   
Jeff Weiss   
Joe Wheatley   
Elizabeth Williams   
Ramsar Williams   
Kelly Willis   
Leslie Wise   
Karen Wolfe   
Aline Wurman   
Mark Zangrando   
Bob Zaugh   
Jonathan Zeichner   - CONT.
Spirit Of Venice February 23, 2013 at 02:15 AM
CONT. 6 - 
ALL OF THE ABOVE ENDORSEMENTS can be found in one or more of the following PATCH articles : 
http://venice.patch.com/articles/who-will-you-vote-for-in-the-march-5-2013-los-angeles-city-elections - CONT.

Spirit Of Venice February 23, 2013 at 02:18 AM
Or, to put it more briefly, NO - I AM NOT THE ONLY ONE WAVING A BANNER FOR MIKE BONIN, - (But, then, you already knew that, didn't you "Timothy"?)
Marsia February 23, 2013 at 02:38 AM
I live in Encino section of the San Fernando Valley and thanks to redistricting got Paul Koretz who doesn't know the Valley exists. I say this as he won't respond to emails, calls or even contacts via his site. Website says he has a Valley newsletter yet after three requests none have been received. He doesn't use Twitter or Facebook either so no way to be updated about what's happening in the area by him. But he can find me to mail a request to give him money for his re-election. How can I get my house back into a real Valley district?
Timothy Ferris February 23, 2013 at 04:01 AM
Bonin got a lot of favors to return, just think at your expense. This is the worst kind of dirty politics. Vote Tina Hess
Spirit Of Venice February 23, 2013 at 08:56 AM
HUGH LIST OF BONIN FOR CITY COUNCIL ENDORSEMENTS - see my 7-part post on this thread. - Tim, you have no evidence or proof of your slimy, bogus accusations against Mike. Your post represents the worst kind of dirty politics, not Mike's endorsements. If this is the character of Tina Hess supporters, we know better than to vote for her. - MIKE BONIN FOR CITY COUNCIL
concernedneighbor February 23, 2013 at 02:19 PM
Oh SOV - you can't possibly be that naive. Every single political endorsement by definition comes with a quid pro quo. It's not illegal and its not even inappropriate but to deny it is laughable. They're not endorsing him because they think he's swell - or because they think he's the right guy for the job - they endorse him because they believe he is most likely to protect/further their interests in CD11. That is what politics is all about (on both sides) so get off your high horse and join us in the real world...
Spirit Of Venice February 23, 2013 at 06:06 PM
HUGH LIST OF BONIN FOR CITY COUNCIL ENDORSEMENTS HERE - see my 7-part post on this thread. - (Response to Concerned Neighbor) - And the list of two hundred and five non-politician community-members who added their names to the endorsements? They're also making "back room" "dirty politics" (to quote Timothy) deals with Bonin? - And Congresswomen Hahn and Bass and Senator Lieu? The Sierra Club? Former State Senator Kuehl? The L.A. Times? The California Democratic Party? Etc, Etc, Etc. All part of some dirty-politics back room exchange of favors scheme? - Puh-leeze!!! - There's a big difference between endorsing Bonin because he is most likely to be favorable to one's political interests (a perfectly acceptable and routine practice - which is also behind the endorsements on PATCH for the other candidates) and Tim's "dirty politics" allegations which imply secret payoffs to subvert the political office and system in order to directly benefit the endorsers. The former is honest political activity, the latter is underhanded, low-life character assassination SMEAR and SLIME tactics - just what we've come to expect from the Ryavec & Friends camp. - Have you got anything else besides subtle insults, put-downs and talking down your nose at people? - CN - Wake up, grow up and shut up.
kenneth scalir February 25, 2013 at 02:54 AM
I hope Denis ZIne loses, he is the worst member of the L.A. City Council. ABZ = ANYBODY BUT ZINE, whether it is Galperin, Brazeman, Bornstein, Patel or Joya.
nonoise February 25, 2013 at 03:31 AM
Dennis Zine did not want to get rid of the red light cameras that were losing the city money. The rest of the city council overroad his vote. Now, they are gone! No thanks for Dennis Zine.


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