VIDEO: Voices at the Brentwood Polls During the 2012 Election

Here's a quick chat with a voter, poll inspector and hospitality manager in Brentwood during the 2012 election.

As voters went to the polls in Brentwood on Election Day, Patch made the rounds to four precincts, starting at the Luxe Sunset Boulevard Hotel and speaking to General Manager Amy Commans.  

There were about 10 precincts reporting to six different locations in the West Los Angeles community, with all varying, yet calmer, turnouts in the final hours of open polls, rather than the unified morning rush. 

Patch caught up with John Nemandoust, of Brentwood, in the parking lot of Hotel Angeleno after he voted, as well as the workers at the Village Lutheran Church further down Church Lane.

It wasn't until an obvious stronger voter rush in the final half hour of polls open at the Brentwood Recreation Center, and speaking with inspector Nick Omana, where the drive and determination to vote was all too real. 


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