State Senate Passes Helicopter Noise Resolution

SJR 7, introduced by Ted Lieu, urges President Barack Obama and Congress to consider legislation aimed at curbing helicopter noise.

The California Senate voted 26-9 April 11 in favor of a resolution urging President Barack Obama and Congress to adopt the Los Angeles Residential Helicopter Noise Relief Act, according to a news release from state Sen. Ted Lieu's office.

The federal legislation was introduced in February and Lieu expressed his support with a state resolution in March.

The pending legislation in Congress would ask the Federal Aviation Administration to evaluate helicopter routes, altitudes and hovering practices before reporting back to Congress about possible solutions to noise complaints; however, it would not restrict helicopter operations for emergency responders and the military. The FAA does not currently regulate helicopter traffic in Los Angeles.

Lieu's resolution also asks the president and Congress to direct the FAA to solicit feedback from neighborhood groups, helicopter operators and others on helicopter noise and safety issues in the county.

"Los Angeles County residents who have endured the cacophony of seemingly endless helicopter flights over their homes need relief," Lieu, who counts Brentwood as part of his district, said upon introducing Senate Joint Resolution 7. "When one can't sleep or talk because of helicopter noise, it hurts the quality of life."

Brentwood residents have dealt with helicopter noise during the I-405 project, as well as regularity of police, fire/medical and media helicopter noise.

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