Starbucks Alcohol Sales Vote on Thursday

The local planning commission will have its say on whether the coffee shop can serve beer and wine at one of its Calabasas locations.

The decision to grant Starbucks a permit to sell beer and wine at its is going before the Calabasas Planning Commission on Thursday.

The coffee giant in March to the state's Alcohol Beverage Control (ABC) for a type 41 license to serve alcohol in Calabasas, as well as a handful of other locations throughout California. The application awaits approval from the state following approval from the city.

Commissioners have declined to comment on the matter until the July 19 meeting.

City staff is recommending granting the permit as long as Starbucks abides by several stipulations, such as prohibiting the sale of distilled spirits and offering various hot dishes to customers.

Starbucks also intends on installing new railing for the outside patio, according to a staff report.

"The applicant is also proposing to enclose the existing patio seating area with new railing," the report read. "The ABC requires that outdoor seating areas be enclosed if the restaurant is to serve alcohol in that area."

Some Starbucks in Oregon and Washington already serve beer and wine.

Spokesman Zach Hutson said all employees behind the counter would be required to be at least 21 years old and receive comprehensive training on serving alcohol.

Beer and wine would be sold from 2 p.m. through closing on weekdays and noon to closing on weekends, he said.

Some residents that having beer and wine would make Starbucks another destination in Calabasas, while others are concerned about having adults consuming alcohol near youngsters.

Arin Mikailian July 05, 2012 at 07:07 PM
What do you think about having alcohol sold at the Starbucks on Agoura Road?
Eman Talei July 06, 2012 at 10:04 PM
As a previous owner of a local small business in the area, I am absolutely against the idea of these larger corporations and franchises offering more and more services or products which ultimately hurt small businesses. Yes, we do live in a country where competition brings prices down and promotes better service, however, not at the expense of losing more and more mom & pop businesses which provide the majority of jobs for our nation and pay the most taxes to keep our government functioning. Secondly, the fact that many of Starbucks employees are under the age of 21, this would further eliminates jobs for our local community students and kids who are under the required age.
Rick Petitfils July 18, 2012 at 07:32 PM
I think it is fine, the most problems are gas station supermarkets where the owners cannot read fake ID's. When Sheriffs do stings they are caught the most. Also since it is Starbucks it is not going to be cheap, what kid can afford to buy there?


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