School Closing Goes to Budget Board

The superintendent's recommendation to close Oldham School in Riverside goes before the East Providence Budget Commission today, Jan. 17, at 3 pm in City Hall.

A recommendation from East Providence's interim superintendent, John DeGoes, to close Oldham School in Riverside goes before the Budget Commission today, Jan. 17, at its bi-weekly meeting. It starts at 3 pm in City Hall.

DeGoes made the recommendation to close the elementary school and consolidate most of its students and staff at Waddington School last Thursday, Jan. 10, to the East Providence School Committee. See the Patch story.

The recommendation from DeGoes is his response to the Budget Commission's request to close a school given the school department's declining enrollment and finanial situation. Oldham is one of the city's oldest schools and it is the smallest elementary school in East Providence. Therefore, it disrupts the fewest number of students and adds no additional transportation costs, he said.

The RI Department of Education also does not favor spending between $2 million and $2.5 million on fire safety, security and the roof for the deteriorating building, DeGoes told the School Committee.

Here is the complete agenda for today's Budget Commission meeting.

City of East Providence Budget Commission
Working Session Agenda

3 pm Thursday, Jan. 17, 2013

City Hall Room 306

1.    Review of Cash Flow – Malcolm Moore.
2.    Review and approval of Tentative Collective Bargaining Agreements with EPPMTEA and Steelworkers. Review and approval of Tentative Collective Bargaining Gap Agreements with Teachers, Educational Secretaries and Police – Joe Whelan.
3.    Request to hire Consolidated Human Resources Director – Peter Graczykowski and John DeGoes.
4.    Requests to fill vacant School Department positions and approval of personnel actions – John DeGoes.
a. School Committee and Superintendent recommendation for High School Swim Team Head Coach and Assistant Coach positions.
5.    Requests to fill vacant City positions and approval of personnel actions – Peter Graczykowski.
a. Request to Post and Fill Senior Accountant Position as part of Consolidated Finance Department Reorganization – Malcolm Moore.
b.    Request to post and fill Highway Superintendent position – Steve Coutu. c. Request to Extend Sunday Library Hours for FY 2012-2013 – Eileen
6.    Request for approval of procurement and/or payments in excess of $25,000 and review of payments and/or procurements under $25,000 – Malcolm Moore.
a. Request for extension of AMS contract for Finance Department Support Services – Malcolm Moore.
b. Request to approve extension for Police & Fire Pension Board Financial Advisor Wainwright pricing for six months – Malcolm Moore.
c. Request for purchase of minivan & generators for Family Services with Asset Forfeiture Funds – Police Chief Tavares.
d.    Request to advertise bid for Compost Screener – Steve Coutu.
e.    Request to accept funds for Economic Development Loan for Waterfront Commission – Jeanne Boyle.
7.    Receipt of minutes from Tax Appeal Board and recommendation of decisions from Tax Assessor – Steve Hazard.
8.    Update on Superintendent and City Manager action items/work plans – John DeGoes and Peter Graczykowski.
a. Recommendation to close Oldham Elementary School beginning September 2013 – John DeGoes.
b.    Update on Income Tax Refund Offset Program – Peter Graczykowski. c. Update on RFP for ERP Financial System advertised Sunday 1/13/13 –
Peter Graczykowski and Malcolm Moore.
9.    Review and approval of City Council appointees on 12/3/12 and update on Legal Services RFP – Diane Brennan, Peter Graczykowski, and Rob Eaton.
10.    Additional Commission Items.
11.    Approval of Minutes from January 3, 2013.
12.    Schedule and agenda for next meeting for Thursday, January 31, 2013 at 3:00 PM.
13.    Adjourn.

Shawn January 17, 2013 at 07:35 PM
This is true, however, proper dress and respect for the position and seat speaks volumes too. He serves on the School Committee and attending a meeting not going to a football game. Whould it be OK if the Superintendent shows up in a T-shirt? It is called professionalism. I do think Tony has the good of the tax payers and students in his best interest and that is greatly appreciated. Also, Roberts Rules of Order, need to be followed by law.
Tonya Borello January 20, 2013 at 01:48 PM
Proper dress should be required, I agree. People will defend Tony because he 'has everyone's best interest at heart' and that maybe so, but you have to respect your elected position and dress appropriately. We complain about kids sagging their pants, but we too have a duty to model behavior and set expectations. I attended the meeting. i was disappointed in Conley and Ferreira's conduct. I dont think it's fair to make blanket statements about "the committee" as a whole, when there are just a couple of individuals that need checking. I have to say that I do not envy Mr. Degoes, he had a difficult decision to make, but at least he made it. For YEARS we have watched nothing happen. Koudos to the committee chair for not rushing to a vote, and waiting to have more information (it was definitely needed) It's also been a long time before we've seen that happen, whether or not the close this school, I feel comfortable knowing that whatever is decided will be well thought out. We need to show more support and concern and criticize less.
Tonya Borello January 20, 2013 at 01:50 PM
@ Elizabeth, when you walk into a parent teacher meeting, and you see your child's teacher is sagging his jeans and shows up in sweats, what is your first impression?
Arthur Christopher Schaper January 20, 2013 at 09:56 PM
Schools are closing, people are leaving, Providence is taxing and spending.. . And the statehouse wants to pass gay marriage? Give me a break!
C the light January 23, 2013 at 06:36 PM
I hope that the community gets the answers to the questions that have been asked repeatedly. How does anyone think that residents, students and business owners ever going to feel confident when the elected officials if we can't get the truthful answers that have been swept under the rug for years now. I hope the information, promised to the residents, at two different meetings is available and questions are answered truthfully tonight. I also expect all parties involved in this decision are present tonight "that would be professional conduct and respect" for the students and residents/taxpayers of this city.....hey wear your t shirt if you like this is about truthful detailed information about the future of this city....not a fashion show...please people don't be so petty.


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