Reminder: San Vicente Design Review Board Seeks New Member

Vacancy on city board that reviews exterior building changes to Brentwood business thoroughfare needs to be filled immediately to resolve recurring issues making quorum.

Several regular meetings of the San Vicente Scenic Corridor Design Review Board have been canceled in recent months due to not meeting a quorum.

Vice chairwoman Marilyn Krell said the business representative has been off the board for "awhile" and that seven members are needed to review exterior changes proposed for existing business structures along the boulevard.

Krell noted that members are appointed through the local city councilmember's office and goes through an interview process. She said the position needs to be filled immediately.

The board is charged with reviewing exterior and/or site design of any new building or structure(other than a single-family residence), exterior remodeling, projects (other than maintenance and repair work), and commercial signage located within Brentwood's San Vicente Scenic Corridor Specific Plan area.

For its compostion, Krell added that board members shall consist of seven voting members. Three members shall reside within the specific plan area, or the immediately adjacent area no greater than one mile from the outermost boundary of the specific plan area, and one member shall own a retail business or be a managerial employee of a retail business within the specific plan area.

For more information, applicants should email Michelle Singh, area planner, at (michelle.singh@lacity.org) or Whitney Blumenfeld at whitney.blumenfeld@lacity.org. A cover letter should be included.

Here's the city code for the makeup of the Design Review Board:

  3.     Number of Members and Composition of Membership.

     (a)     Number of Members.  Design review boards shall consist of a minimum of five and maximum of seven voting members.

     (b)     Appointment of Members.  With the exception of the Mulholland Specific Plan, the members of design review boards shall be appointed by the councilmember(s) of the council district(s) in which the specific plan area is located.

     (c)     Composition of Membership.  Unless otherwise specifically required in a specific plan, to the maximum extent practicable, each design review board shall be composed of two architects and two professionals from the following or related fields:  planning, urban design, and landscape architecture.  The remaining member or members need not be design professionals.  All members shall reside, operate a business, or be employed within the specific plan area.  If no eligible person is known to be available for appointment in the designated disciplines who resides, operates a business, or is employed within the specific plan area, then the councilmember(s) may make the appointment from the community plan area(s) in which the specific plan area is located.  If a specific plan is located in more than one community plan area, then the members may be chosen from any of those community plan areas.

     If the design review board area is represented by more than one councilmember, then the President of the City Council shall, to the extent feasible, determine the number of members appointed by the councilmember of each council district, based on the percentage of design review board area located in each council district.

     4.     Terms of Membership.  A term of office of a member of a design review board shall be four years.  The members of design review boards shall be appointed to staggered terms so that at least one term becomes vacant on each successive year.  The chairperson and vice-chairperson shall be elected annually by a majority of the design review board members.

     5.     Vacancies.  In the event of a vacancy occurring during the term of a design review board member, the councilmember(s) who appointed the member, or the councilmember(s)’ successor, shall make an appointment to serve the unexpired term of that member.  Where the member is required to have specific qualifications, the vacancy shall be filled by a person having similar qualifications.

     6.     Expiration of Term.  Upon expiration of the term of any member of the design review board, the appointment for the next succeeding term shall be made by the appointing authority.  No member of a Board shall serve more than two consecutive four year terms.  Members of the board whose terms have expired shall remain members until their replacements have been appointed.

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