Low Turnout, Voting Machine Down at Brentwood Precincts

One ballot machine is down at the Brentwood Presbyterian Church but it's not slowing down the process, workers say.

Poll workers at the Brentwood Presbyterian Church admit Tuesday afternoon that it's been a sluggish turnout so far for the city's primary nominating elections, with most precincts there reporting by 3:30 p.m. of only double-digit ballots cast. A voting machine for one precinct is also not operating.

City Elections Troubleshooter Danita Cobb told Patch the ballot machine for precinct 9005833A stopped working early on Tuesday but it did not slow down poll workers from filing voters' ballots. As of 3:15 p.m. at that precinct, only 55 ballots were cast.

As of the same time, precinct 9001318A saw 48 ballots cast (not inlcuding provisionals), precinct 9000264A saw 38 ballots cast (not including provisionals) and precinct 9001307A saw 80 ballots cast (not including provsionals).

"I think people are so diconnected with taking action," said Precinct 9000264A Inspector LeShawn Penson. "With actions promised and what really gets done, people are losing faith."

Brentwood resident Reese Golchin said he's most interested in the city's mayoral race.

"I think we have a lot of good options this election," he said. "Who helms the city the next few years is going to be big."


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