How Does Your Favorite Brentwood Restaurant Rank Healthwise?

How is your favorite restaurant doing?

Bugs? Dirt? Contamination?

How's your favorite Brentwood restaurant doing when it comes to basic public health compliance?

Search for your favorite restaurant above to see what score it received from the Los Angeles County Public Health Department.

You can search the database by restaurant name, city or ZIP code. 

For Brentwood, most of its 126 listed establishments received a score of "90" or better, with the exception of Peppone Restaurant, which had a score of "86." Some restaurant grades with not applicable.

Establishments recently closed due to compliance issues can be found at the county's searchable Food Facility Closure List page.

For more information on how food facilities are scored and graded, read the Retail Food Inspection Guide attached to this story in the media box.

Although not closed for a food compliance issue, the former San Gennaro Cafe in Brentwood Village closed earlier in 2013 due to alcohol sale violations.

How did your favorite eatery fare? Tell us in the comments section below.


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