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Councilman Rosendahl Gets Good News from Heart Doc, Shares on Facebook

He tells 'friends' he's off blood thinners.

told his Facebook friends Saturday that his cardiologist has taken him off blood thinners.

"What a wonderful way to start the weekend," he posted on his Facebook status. "The doctor took me off blood thinners ... and Dr. [Shephal] Doshi said everything looked great!"

The 11th District representative was in January to treat atrial fibrillation.

Rosendahl is the latest recipient of the Watchman: A  thumb-sized medical device shaped like a tiny umbrella [see video.]

The device traps blood clots before they enter the blood stream. The aim is to reduce the chance of a stroke.

Rosendahl had his first checkup since the procedure on Friday.

According to Rosendahl's office, Doshi  reported that "everything looked great. Bill is a poster child for the procedure."

Rosendahl often uses , Facebook and to communicate with constituents. He announced his return to work after the procedure on YouTube [see video.]

For the past several years, Rosendahl has had atrial fibrillation—an abnormal heart rhythm which can cause blood clots and lead to a stroke.

Although he has felt fine, Rosendahl has been treated with a blood-thinning medicine called warfarin, which can have a range of side effects.

In some people, warfarin can cause unpleasant side affects such as bruising or bleeding. The drugs can also impose limitations on a patient’s diet, physical activity and travel. The Watchman procedure, which is used widely in Europe, Asia and Australia, is undergoing a clinical trial in the United States as an alternative treatment to warfarin. Rosendahl qualified for the procedure last month.

Doshi is on staff at Pacific Heart Institute in Santa Monica.


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