Council Roundup: Expo Line Phase II Preview, Rosendahl Update and Bel Air Sky Crest Helispot Work Needed

A look back at this week's Brentwood Community Council meeting.

Representatives for the light rail Expo Line gave an update to the Brentwood Community Council Tuesday night on upcoming staging work as well as a general presentation for the public. Also, City Councilmember Bill Rosendahl's Field Deputy Joaquin Macias provided several updates to local infrastructure projects.

Expo Line Phase II

Jim Kennedy and Elizabeth Rosenson from SkanskaRados gave a presentation on the overall scope of the Expo Line, a $2.4 billion, 15.2-mile rail line aimed to connect and be operational by 2016. 

Skanska-Rados are involved with the second phase of the project to connect Culver City's line to Santa Monica in a 6.6-mile corridor. Phase I of the project consisted of connecting downtown L.A. to Culver City.

"Even if you don’t ride it, you hope others do," Kennedy said, adding that when it's fully running, a rider should be able to get to downtown L.A. in 45 minutes. "It’s one of those projects to benefit us all."

He said they have an expected ridership of approximately 60,000. Althought Kennedy could not provide Brentwood-specific estimated ridership figures, he said it all adds up, and there will be accomodating connecting rail stations with parking, mentioning the Bundy Drive and Sepulveda Avenue stations.

In the short term, Kennedy said they are having the Department of Transportation clear existing trees and brush, as well as conduct soil grading, noting it should not have much of an impact on traffic.

"But we have to mitigate against dust and stormwater run off," Kennedy said. "Right now we’re also doing utility relocations. That will affect traffic."

Starting at Centinela Avenue and then to Bundy Drive, Skanska-Rados has begun some staging work and re-striping for the rail line's bridge work. There will be seven connecting bridges as part of Phase II, with the first in Culver City over Venice Boulevard.

"Five to six to months from now, we've got to take out a middle turn lane for some support," he said, noting the bridges go over Sepulveda, Bundy, Olympic, Centinela and National.

For more information on the project, click here.

Update on Rosendahl's cancer treatment

Macias said Councilmember Bill Rosendahl has and started radiation several weeks ago. He came off daily radiation recently and is now on new pain medications, which allow him to be more mobile and be able to get around.

"Before he was incapable with the debilitating pain in his back," Macias said. "He started chemotherapy last week. So far so good."

to watch a video from Rosendahl thanking his well wishers and constituents for their support during his bout.

Cement pads needed at Bel Air Sky Crest landing zone

Joaquin Macias, field deputy for City Councilmember Bill Rosendahl's office, told the Brentwood council that since Fire Station 109 upgraded their fleet and still uses the landfill near the Bel Air Sky Crest neighborhood as a landing spot during fire season, they are required to install new cement pads. He said they are looking to into three 24-foot by 24-foot cement pads in that area, and local residents from the neighorhood have taken issue with the installation potential disturbing the local habitat.

Macias said the residents have asked the city to screen or camoflage the pads to blend in with the natural scenery.

Sunset Safety Week scaled back

Macias reported that with Carmageddon II eating into Los Angeles Police Department staffing resources at the end of the month, "Sunset Safety Week," a local campaign to address speeding concerns to motorists and pedestrians, the city won't be able to get it promoted in time before the closure of the 405 Freeway on Sept. 29.

Clarifying Darlington Avenue traffic signal

Macias said   there's been some confusion as whether or not you can make left hand turn or U-turns through the Darlington Avenue intersrciton when the light is red. 

"Because there is a limit line, you must stop and wait for light to turn," he said. "Wait for it to turn green and proceed through with letft turn or U-turn. Because it's a signalized intersection now, you have to abide by the light."

Brentwood Art Center update

The council learned of the efforts to by converting to non-profit status.



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