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Parking Structure in Century City Collapses

Council Roundup: Coral Tree Irrigation Plan Nixed, Archer School Looking to Grow Campus

The community council also heard that CVS added signage without approval of the San Vicente Design Review Board.

Plans to design a new irrigation system to protect the African-native coral trees along San Vicente Boulevard did not get city approval, the Brentwood Community Council learned Tuesday night.

In October, the council learned the concept for the irrigation system would have watered the grass and not the trees directly, as well as save water with mulch spread in the middle third of the median.

Teri Redman Kahn of the environmental committee said the extensive surface roots of the oldest coral trees "go in a million different directions" and new sprinkler pipes might tap the roots.

"With the older, mature trees that we love, it might do more harm than good," she said.

An arborist involved with watering the trees suggested to Kahn he will be more vigilent with the sprinkler heads and what direction they're going.

At least the community did not have to attempt spearheading the fundraiser for the irrigation plan, Kahn noted, and she will contact City Planning to help research nursuries in Southern California look at new sod that's more compatible with the coral trees. She added they will contact the City of Santa Monica to ask how they care for and prune their trees.

CVS, Planning Department bypasses Design Review Board on signage

Chairman Emeritus Raymond Klein reported CVS installed new signage without getting a vote from the San Vicente Design Review Board, which is required under their bylaws to any building exterior or landscaping changes along San Vicente Boulevard. Klein said the Department of Planning approved it without sending it to the DRB.

Council Chairwoman Nancy Friedman said the executive committee signed a letter to City Councilman Bill Rosendahl and Greg Shoop in the Department of Planning expressing this concern.

Archer School files request to expand campus

Klein reported the Archer School for Girls has filed a request with the city to expand their facilities and activities, but not their hours. He said the school expects to have a draft environmental impact report ready in early January. Klein added that neighboring community groups, such as the community council, Brentwood Homeowners Association and others will reach out to work with the school regarding the conditional use permit.

RockenWagner proposes bakery at Barrington/Wilshire

Klein said restauranteur RockenWagner has proposed a restaurant in the northeast corner of Wilshire Boulevard and Barrington Avenue, and need a conditional use permit. The community council voted unanimously to draft conditions with the land use committee to be sent to the executive committee prior to a Dec. 19 hearing on the permit. Klein noted the restaurant does not need an environmental impact report but does include valet and validation. The business has branches in Venice, Santa Monica and Culver City.

Martin Cadillac talks about retail office space

Martin Cadillac has proposed retail office space at the northwest corner of Bundy Drive and Olympic Boulevard, and "Bundy Village" will wrap around the business. Klein said they are just "testing the waters" and have not filed anything, and noted the impact would be minimal. He said the community wants this idea to be downsized.

Also Tuesday night, City Council District 11 candidate Fred Sutton made a quick pitch to the community council, saying the current city council is overpaid, that he would donate 20 percent of his salary to fix the worst sidewalk in the district and the city needs to test public/private partnerships.

Area students received the 2012-13 Brentwood Youth Citizen Awards Tuesday night, and the public heard general updates on the modernization plans at LAX.


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