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Brentwood Council Hears From L.A. City Candidates

Los Angeles city election candidates, such as former Assemblyman Mike Feuer, campaign during quick stops at the Brentwood Community Council.

One by one, four candidates in the upcoming Los Angeles primary nominating elections made their pitch to the Brentwood Community Council at its Feb. 5 meeting.

First, former Assemblyman Mike Feuer stopped by the meeting in the Kaufman Library and emphasized he plans to focus on L.A.'s neighborhoods if elected to city attorney just as he did for his communities, especially Brentwood, while in Sacramento.

"It’s been such a privilege to represent Brentwood," Feuer said. "I want to build on that as move to the election in four weeks. I have nearly 1,000 indiviudals who've joined me in my campaign."

Feuer was busy on radio in early February debunking claims that his opponent, Carmen Trutanich, was ahead in the polls.

"I think it's going very well," Feuer said about his campaign. Right now none of the polling matters. It’s trite to say [who's ahead] because of the lack of attention paid to city elections."

For information on Feuer's campaign, visit the website.

After Feuer, City Council District 11 candidate Tina Hess stopped by, touting her stance for, if elected, she would enforce land use convenants. She said she's running a clean campaign without funds coming from unions, developers or special interests. Hess told the council the most urgent issue facing the district is transportation and traffic gridlock.

For information on Hess' campaign, view the website.

After Hess, Los Angeles Unified School District 4 board member Steve Zimmer, who said LAUSD's at a key moment in its transformation in reaching its agreement for teacher evaluations.

"It comes down to simple idea," Zimmer said. "Every child across this district has a right to an excellent teacher in every classroom. We have a right to determine that."

For more information on Zimmer's campaign, visit the website.

After Zimmer, City Council District 11 candidate Mike Bonin spoke to the council, saying he wants Brentwood's vote. If elected, Bonin claims he will take his predecessor Councilman Bill Rosendahl's office hours and "put them on steroids," by being available to the public on week nights and weekends, at farmers markets and fire stations, as well as leading "hikes with Mike."

For more information on Bonin's campaign, visit the website.

City Council District 11 candidate Fred Sutton came to a Brentwood Community Council meeting in late 2012. For information on Sutton's campaign, visit the website.

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