Actresses Betty White and Wendie Malick Endorse Berman

Congressman Berman fights for animals and has great eyes, says Brentwood resident Betty White.

[The following information was taken from a press release issued by Berman's office].

On the same day he was endorsed by the Los Angeles Times, Congressman Berman’s campaign put up an ad in full rotation featuring endorsements from legendary actress Betty White and Emmy Award nominee Wendie Malick, who cite his effective leadership in Congress and ability to deliver for the Valley. A world-renowned animal rights activist, White also lauds Berman’s endorsement from the Humane Society Legislative Fund.

“Reelect Congressman Howard Berman. The Valley leader who fights for the humane treatment of all animals,” says Betty White, who isn’t known for endorsing candidates in partisan races. “And he has very nice blue eyes,” she quips.

“That is a great reason to elect Howard. But he is also unbelievably effective,” Malick adds. “Thanks to Howard we have hundreds more police officers patrolling Valley streets.”

Through his leadership on the COPS program in the early 1990s, Congressman Berman secured funding for new police officer hires in the Valley. He has been endorsed by every major local law enforcement official and agency, including Los Angeles County District Attorney Steve Cooley and the Los Angeles County Police Chiefs' Association.

“I’m not much of an actor but it was fun working with Betty and Wendie. They’re both incredibly talented,” said Congressman Berman. “This ad will catch voters’ attention and highlight my record of delivering for the Valley.”


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