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Violent Crime in Los Angeles Up First Half of 2014

The statistics, released today, show that overall, however, crime is down.

Statistics released today show that violent crime in Los Angeles is on the rise the first half of 2014. Patch file photo.
Statistics released today show that violent crime in Los Angeles is on the rise the first half of 2014. Patch file photo.

Violent crime in Los Angeles was up 2.9 percent during the first half of the year, compared with the same period last year, with aggravated assaults up 12 percent, according to city crime statistics released today.

Despite the increases, city leaders declared that overall mid-year crime rates -- with property crimes factored in -- were down 5.4 percent.

Mayor Eric Garcetti, who joined Police Chief Charlie Beck in South Los Angeles to announce the statistics, pointed to the overall decline in both property and violent crimes as a sign that the city is headed toward a 12th consecutive year of dropping crime rates.

Garcetti attributed the overall decline to "smart, data-driven policing, good leadership, community partnership and a focus on prevention as well as enforcement and an LAPD that works with, not against, the communities it serves."

Beck said the department will be "dissecting" the figures and looking into why the number of aggravated assaults shot up by 466 reported cases -- from 3,868 in the first half of 2013 to 4,334 during the same period this year.

"It is not a universal trend throughout the city. It is sporadic and we will keep a close eye on this as it develops," Beck said.

Violent crime overall grew by 239 reported cases, rising from 8,610 reported cases in the first half of 2013 to 8,371 in the first half of this year.

Other categories saw drops. Property crime fell 7 percent, murders were down 1.5 percent and gang-related crime dropped 13.1 percent. Robberies dropped 5.7 percent, burglaries 14.6 percent, motor vehicle thefts 7 percent and larcenies 4.8 percent.

Gang-related crimes dropped 13.1 percent, though some individual types of gang-related crimes saw increases, with carjackings up 38.9 percent, from 18 reported cases in 2013 to 25 during the first half of 2014. Gang-related arson was up 50 percent, from two reported cases in 2008 to three this year.

"Reducing crime is not just about cops. It's about the programs that the city puts forward ... making sure that everybody recognizes that they have a role in public safety in Los Angeles," Beck said.

--City News Service

Scott Zwartz July 10, 2014 at 03:15 PM
Let's wait and see if they do give more detailed info.
emma July 10, 2014 at 05:27 PM
Guess the rest of L.A. is doing great crime wise. ..or is someone cooking the books..maybe we all should move out of Hollywood, Garcetti's old council district that he has left in an on going violent crime shambles, before we get shot, knifed, or raped, to all these other 'safe' places. Bring on more of his beloved nightclubs, cheap shot bars, density, glass and steel skyscrapers...more more more.. bring in the party buses to Hollywood, the big party place (this is his revitalized 'economic development'), and more drunken shootouts, guaranteed. He has created his west coast version of Times Square, before revitalization.. and without the Broadway Theaters, with the help of the irresponsible C.I.M., BID, and Hollywood Chamber..They are destroying Hollywood..none of them actually live here.. Think of what he can, and will do with the rest of L.A! His crime stats are as 'fatally flawed' as was his false population data to justify his illegal higher density (to accommodate his developer funder's projects), Hollywood Community Plan, that a judge threw out calling his numbers..'fatally flawed' and 'wishful thinking' Why would anyone believe anything he has to say about any data or stats at this point? About anything for that matter.


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