Thefts from Autos Double—What to Do?

Property crimes such as burglaries are up too, and Brentwood has a Peeping Tom.

Property crimes in the area—especially burglaries/thefts from cars—soared last week, according to an LAPD report released Tuesday. Brentwood also has (or had) a Peeping Tom, who peeped in through a bathroom window.

The crime stats from Senior Lead Officer Phillip Enbody listed 12 incidents of car break-ins.  .

Burglary reports went from three  to five.

Car break-ins centered around commercial areas like the Country Mart and Brentwood Village, and the area off San Vicente in the southeast corner of Brentwood [see map.]

Enbody reiterated his advice about keeping your car and belongings safe:

  • Don't leave anything inside your vehicle
  • Anything
  • Lock your vehicle and set the alarm

He added, "Please remember that the primary method criminals use to break into vehicles is by smashing the side vehicle window. In addition to the cost of the property taken, there is the cost of replacing the window which is hundreds of dollars, and time out of your day."

"If you see anything that you feel is suspicious," said his weekly email," but not an emergency, go to www.alertcommunity.com. It allows citizens to document suspicious activity quickly, easily, and anonymously."

The Peeping Tom was reported to have looked through a bathroom window at 7:30 in the morning of Feb. 19 in 11700 block of Darlington Avenue. He was described as male, white, blond, 5'10", 180 pounds, 30 years old, with a blond goatee/beard.

LAPD's Brentwood Crime Report Sunday, Feb. 13 through Saturday, Feb. 19, 2011 # When Where What Grand Theft Auto X

Robbery X

Assault With A Deadly Weapon X

Theft 1 02/13/11 1100 hrs 600 S. Barrington Ave Suspects removed items from storage room 2 02/17/11 1630 hrs 11600 San Vicente Blvd Wallet removed from office 3 02/16/11 0900 hrs 12000 Chalon Rd Roof rack removed from vehicle Vandalism 1 02/13/11 2000 hrs 1100 S. Barrington Ave Brake line cut 2 02/14/11 2100 hrs 100 Granville Ave Window smashed Battery 1 02/17/11 1455 hrs 12300 Ridecircle Ave Suspect spit in the face of the victim. Suspect ID'd Sex Crimes 1 02/19/11 0730 hrs 11700 Darlington Ave Peeping Tom: Suspect looked through bathroom window. Suspect: Male White Blond 5'10" 180lbs 30yrs blond goatee beard Burglary 1 02/15/11 2230 hrs 11700 San Vicente Blvd Unlocked door. Cash taken 2 02/16/11 0415 hrs 11900 Wilshire Blvd Pried front door. Laptop taken 3 02/16/11 0830 hrs 100 N. Church Ln Pried and kicked front door. Cash and watches taken 4 02/16/11 1230 hrs 100 N. Church Ln Pried front door. Watches and case taken 5 02/16/11 1830 hrs 11700 San Vicente Blvd Pried front door. Laptop taken Burglary/Theft from Automobile 1 02/13/11 0100 hrs 11600 Montana Ave Smashed window Stereo, and sunglasses taken 2 02/13/11 1600 hrs 12000 Kearsarge St Smashed window. Nothing taken 3 02/14/11 1800 hrs 13000 San Vicente Blvd Smashed window. iPod and registration taken 4 02/14/11 1830 hrs 11900 Montana Ave Smashed window. GPS taken 5 02/14/11 1830 hrs 500 Avondale Ave Smashed window. Glasses taken 6 02/14/11 2100 hrs 11900 Foxboro Dr Smashed window. GPS taken 7 02/14/11 2200 hrs 11700 Darlington Ave Smashed window. Cash, coin purse and CDs taken 8 02/14/11 2330 hrs 11800 Keararge St Smashed window. iPod and misc. paper taken 9 02/14/11 2330 hrs 11700 Dorothy St Smashed window. Bank checks taken 10 02/14/11 2330 hrs 100 S. Medio Dr Smashed window. Nothing taken 11 02/15/11 0005 hrs 200 Oceano Dr Smashed window. Cellphone and charger taken 12 02/15/11 0430 hrs 300 Oceano Dr Smashed window Nothing taken. Alarm scared them off


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