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Parking Structure in Century City Collapses

Police Blotter: 3 Burglaries and Assault with a Deadly Weapon

Here is your Los Angeles Police Department list of reported crimes for the week of Aug. 12-18.

ROBBERY........Taking property by force or fear

  • NONE

GRAND THEFT AUTO    .......... Lock your vehicle, and set your alarm.........

  • NONE 

BURGLARY/THEFT from MOTOR VEHICLE   .......Never leave anything inside your vehicle.......

  • NONE


  • 08/18/12 1930 hrs., RD 0827 100 Barrington Pl.,Suspect struck with a baton. Suspect: Male Blk Blk Bro 510 165 lbs 35 yrs 

BURGLARY            .....Always lock your home and business and set your alarm....

  • 08/17/12 0800 hrs., RD 0831 13000 San Vicente Blvd., Suspects entered by removing a window, and removed jewelry.
  • 08/15/12 1140 hrs., RD 0831 12200 Montana Ave., Suspects pried the front, entered and removed jewelry.
  • 08/14/12 2000 hrs., RD 0832 11700 Dorothy St., Suspects attempted to gain entry by forcing the front door. 

THEFT   .......Construction sites are being broken into, be on the look out....
Grand Theft:

  • 08/13/12 1730 hrs., RD 0803 2100 Westridge Rd., Suspects entered the construction site and removed tools.

Petty Theft:

  • NONE


  • 08/09/12 0500 hrs., RD 0826 11900 Kearsarge St., Suspect threw eggs at victim vehicle causing damage.
  • 08/16/12 0005 hrs., RD 0831 900 S. Bundy Dr., Suspects damaged victims vehicle bumper.
  • 08/16/12 1045 hrs., RD 0831 1100 S. Bundy Dr., Suspect kicked victim vehicle causing damage. Suspect: Male Wht Drk 600 200 lbs 25 yrs.


  • 08/16/12 1045 hrs., RD 0831 1100 S. Bundy Dr., Suspects pushed victim to the ground.  

SEX (Crimes)

  • NONE 

If you see anything that you feel is suspicious, but not an emergency, go to
 www.alertcommunity.com.  It allows citizens to document suspicious activity
 quickly, easily, and anonymously. This web site contributes to the safety of
 our community and to the prevention of crime. The database is accessed only by the  LAPD.


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