Owners of Blighted Brentwood Gas Station Cleaning Up Site

The criminal activity and general nuisance issues plaguing the former Texaco station at 115 Barrington Ave. could soon be a thing of the past, officials say.

Police and city officials say the owners of 115 Barrington Ave., also known as the old Texaco station, have taken considerable steps in the last six to eight weeks to clean up the site and bring it up to code following years of complaints of alleged criminal activity.

Maria Gray, Brentwood's senior lead officer for the Los Angeles Police Department, said Monday she is still accepting declarations from nearby residents and business owners to the property at the corner of Sunset Boulevard and Barrington Avenue.

"The owners of property have complied with every request the city has asked for them in terms of cleaning it up," Gray said. "They are making a good faith effort."

A historical pattern of transients have occupied the former gas station, Gray said, noting there have been allegations of harassment of nearby business owners and pedestrians, as well as fighting and drug dealing.

"LAPD will continue to monitor [the site] and is pleased with the progress," she said. "There shouldn’t be anyone on the property. If anyone sees anyone on the property who shouldnt be there, they should call the non-emergency dispatch line."

Tony Arranaga, spokesman for City Councilmember Bill Rosendahl, said Tuesday they've talked to the city attorney's office, LAPD and the department of building and safety and noted the owners' responsiveness.

"This is an ongoing process but we are optimistic that all of the nuisance activities and blight should be a thing of the past once the recommended measures have been applied," he said.

More information and copies of the declaration forms can be found from this Dec. 7 post.

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