Man Claiming to be Kaiser Surgeon Soliciting Brentwood Residents

Brentwood resident reports man asked for gas money at two locations over the last few months using the same approach.

Two reports came to Brentwood Patch over the weekend from the South Brentwood Residents Association (SBRA) describing a suspicious man who approached people in store parking lots and told a similar story to get money.

The incidents have occurred in Brentwood, but may have also happened elsewhere on the Westside.

One Brentwood resident gave this account from April 27:

"A few months ago, an Asian man in his late 40s- 50s (gray hair) approached me as I was coming out of Vicente Foods. He said he is a doctor at Kaiser and had been up 24 hours straight doing surgeries and left his wallet at the hospital and he needed money for gas to get home in Newport Beach. At that time, he was wearing surgical-looking clothing. I asked him where his car was, looking toward the 76 station on the corner. He looked stunned and hesitated to give me answer and I knew there was something fishy.

Last night he approached me outside of Ralphs with the same story. He was not wearing surgical clothes.

I told him "not you again". He was spooked and took off - possibly driving an older (paint-worn) green Honda."

A second SBRA report states that other residents have heard about this man.

Here's a reminder of three ways to report suspicious activity in the 90049:

1. Email 30469@lapd.lacity.org to reach Maria Gray, Brentwood's senior lead officer for the Los Angeles Police Department.

2. Email Judie@neighborsnetwork.net to contact Judie Hulett at the Brentwood Neighbors Network and sign up for Hulett's email network, which was created to exchange info on local crime and report suspicious activity. She also sends out email alerts.

3. Reach out to Mike Friedman at AlertCommunity.com. See below for the tagline posted on all Patch police blotter reports.

If you see anything that you feel is suspicious, but not an emergency, go to www.alertcommunity.com. It allows citizens to document suspicious activity quickly, easily, and anonymously.

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