Mail Thefts Reported in Mandeville Canyon Area

Los Angeles police tell Brentwood residents to report suspicious people looking into mailboxes and secure them.

Los Angeles police report that mail thefts, including door stop deliveries, are occuring in the upper area of Mandeville Canyon.

Senior Lead Officer Maria Gray says any mail thefts should immediately be reported to the U.S. Postal Inspector, however if you observe a mail theft in progress or a suspicious person looking into boxes or cars or windows please be a good witness and call 911. Reports can also be filed online.

"The days of leaving mail in your residential box for pick up are over," Gray said. "You should always take it to the post office."

Gray added to replace your unsecured residential mail boxes with ones that lock and have a narrow mail slot for the mailperson.

A rash of mail thefts were reported last October in Brentwood.

If you see anything that you feel is suspicious, but not an emergency, go to www.alertcommunity.com. It allows citizens to document suspicious activity quickly, easily, and anonymously.

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