Find Registered Sex Offenders in Brentwood

The Sheriff's Department encourages residents to protect themselves and their families through Megan's Law.

The Los Angeles Sheriff's Department issued a reminder recently regarding registered sex offenders and shared links that direct the community to a list of sex offenders in Los Angeles County. 

"One of the major reasons why it is important to be informed about sexual assault is so that you can take steps to prevent it," the LASD statement said.

"And, there are indeed steps you can take to reduce your risk of sexual assault, your child's risk, or the risk facing others."

Click here to view a list of registered sex offenders in California, available through Megan's Law, on the California Department of Justice's site.

According to the website, there are four registered offenders in Brentwood.

Click here for the full LASD news statement, including additional resources.

Rudy101 August 31, 2012 at 01:08 PM
Is it a requirement to be dangerous to be listed on the public sex offender website? The answer is clear and it is, no. But the police are telling people to protect themselves from those on the list, but the list is filled with people who are not dangerous. How is a family supposed to protect themselves from those on the list? Through avoidance? Isolation? Banishment? The point I am trying to make here is that the State has set up a comprehensive police State around ANYONE a legislature wants and does not allow any review, challenge or appeal against this comprehensive police State. The registry is used in every single legislative session in ALL levels of government as a tool to further banish, and isolate a person. A person on the list is systematically losing every single civil right and it is all done without even a scintilla of court review. Do you people really believe your registry and registry laws have to be followed while you have set up a system that parallels totalitarianism? You are absolutely stupid to believe your registry has to be followed. In fact, the registry is such a basic violation of human and civil rights that ALL people on it have the right to flee the registry. Why? Because without due process, the State cannot even put guilty people into jail. Your registry and registry laws lack due process, therefore, the registry and registry laws do NOT have to be followed.


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