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Dorner Autopsy: Fatal Wound Appears Self-Inflicted

Coroner concluded Christopher Dorner died of a shot to the temple. But it's not been concluded who fired it, though it was just announced that it "seems to indicate" suicide.

A shot to the temple took quadruple-homicide suspect Christopher Dorner's life Tuesday at a burning cabin, and the preliminary conclusion is it "seems to be" self-inflicted, a sheriff's captain annouced Friday afternoon.

Still undetermined: who fired the shot.

Riverside County coroner's staff conducted the autopsy, which took about six hours on Thursday, San Bernardino County sheriff's Capt. Kevin Lacy said. The body of Dorner, 33, who'd allegedly vowed revenge on dozens of people in a was found in the ashes of a San Bernardino Mountains cabin in which he'd barricaded himself and shot at officers.

"Yesterday beginning at about 9 o'clock the Riverside County coroner's office began the autopsy of the unidentified body that was recovered from the mountains here in our county the previous day," Lacy said.

"The autopsy took about six hours and during the course of the autopsy, two significant findings were made," Lacy said.

"One was that we were able to identify through a dental examination that the body that we recovered was in fact that of Christopher Dorner," Lacy said.

"The second important finding that was made was something that we have not been talking about yet, and that is the cause of death," Lacy said. "During the autopsy yesterday, the doctor who conducted the process concluded that the cause of death was a single gunshot wound to the head.

"We are not at this point ready to speak about the manner of death and tell you whether or not it was as a result of a self-inflicted wound or another round," Lacy said.

"We will tell you that while we are still compiling the information, and putting our reports together, the information that we have right now seems to indicate that the wound that took Christopher Dorner's life was self-inflicted."

Authorities believe Dorner, who was fired by the Los Angeles Police Department in 2009, is accountable for four killings in the space of ten days: a former LAPD captain's daughter and her fiancé in Irvine on Feb. 3, Riverside police Officer Michael Crain on Feb. 7, and San Bernardino County sheriff's Detective Jeremiah MacKay on Feb. 12.

Crain was a Redlands High School graduate, a student at Crafton Hills College in Yucaipa, and a Beaumont resident. MacKay worked in the Big Bear area and Yucaipa and he was a resident of Redlands. Both men leave behind wives and young children.

Charred human remains found in a burned out cabin east of Angelus Oaks late Tuesday were positively identified with dental records as the remains of Dorner, the San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department announced Feb. 14.

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John B. Greet February 19, 2013 at 10:44 PM
"How can you prove that Dorner murdered anyone at this point in time?" How can you? Because, as you may recall, you freely acknowledged that he is a murderer. Also, a person may be considered a murderer even though having never been convicted for that crime. Was Hitler ever convicted of the crime of murder? Do you deny that he was, in fact, a murderer? Still, if the lack of criminal conviction is troubling you I will happily amend any comment along those lines to include the term "alleged". Feel better? Sometimes I get the impression that some folks consider information as if they are 3rd graders instead of adults who should consider the information they may have experienced along the way in proper context with other factual information that is available or may reasonably become available, whether they personally experience it or not. The path of knowledge is circuitous and not all factual information is available first-hand. To avoid ignorance, one must be willing to be patient...to consider information in context...to seek and consider objectively verifiable facts, rather than merely adhere to one person's or another's entirely subjective (and thoroughly disputable) idea of "truth".
JustUs February 19, 2013 at 10:50 PM
"No, I mean like State and Federal FOIA laws..." Those are worthless while an investigation is ongoing. Perhaps that's why LAPD just intiated an investigation into Dorner's termination. To circumvent FOIA requests that would be rejected since an investigation is ongoing. heh. It's laughable that LAPD is doing it's own investigation. That stinks to high heaven. heh. "No, meaning that we should never use emotion as a basis to enact or react to public policy." heh. You mean like cops screaming "Burn the mother********* down"? Emotion like that? heh. "There are no peasants in a constitutional republic." I feel like I am chatting with an automoton. "My thesis: There is *no justification* for a person to use unlawful force to impose his perception of justice upon others." You added a ton of other ingredients to your thesis recipe. And you failed to add some incredients that produced the final outcome. I accepted those as part of your thesis as well. And most of that I rejected. I will wait for Part 2. But you never explained how you could conclude that Dorner is a murderer if he wasn't convicted in a court of law? How could you assume that as part of your thesis? I will wait.
John B. Greet February 19, 2013 at 11:04 PM
"Those are worthless while an investigation is ongoing." Here's a novel idea...wait for the investigations to conclude. Gasp! "It's laughable that LAPD is doing it's own investigation. That stinks to high heaven." It's laughable that you are complaining. LAPD didn't *have* to do any review at all! Their due processes on Dorner had long since been concluded. Also the wrongful termination suit. Also the appeal of the wrongful termination suit. Dorner lost his appeals at every turn, even in the courts...twice. When he ran out of appeals, he became a vigilante and decided to use unlawful force to impose his own ideas of justice upon others who had nothing to do with his firing. "You mean like cops screaming "Burn the mother********* down"? Emotion like that?" No, because I do not believe that was an example of using emotion to enact public policy. The officers' language was not professional. Conceded. The cabin didn't burn because of emotion. It burned because Dorner refused to come out when ordered to, even after they tried non-flammable means to coax him out. Dorner gave them no choice and he died at his own hand like the coward I believe he ultimately proved himself to be. "I accepted those as part of your thesis as well. And most of that I rejected." I cannot be responsible for what you "accepted". I stated my thesis directly, several times. Your misuderstanding is not my responsibility. Own it...for once.
JustUs February 19, 2013 at 11:15 PM
"Here's a novel idea...wait for the investigations to conclude. Gasp!" You know how that game is played, pal. heh. Let's chat with one another like grown adults, alright? ;^) Don't insult what intelligence I have. "LAPD didn't *have* to do any review at all!" Stop being redundant. I already addressed the intention of the investigation. Answer it or avoid it. Your choice. "No, because I do not believe that was an example of using emotion to enact public policy." Seriously, how do you come up with these answers anyway? heh. :^) "I stated my thesis directly, several times." Basically you addressed the color green in the rainbow while ignoring the other 6 colors. heh. Thesis? Call it what you want. I've got another name for it. Okay, this horse has been kicked enough. See ya.
John B. Greet February 19, 2013 at 11:37 PM
"Don't insult what intelligence I have." No one can insult you unless you give them that sort of power over your emotions. I neither desire such power nor offered any insult. "I already addressed the intention of the investigation. No, you addressed what you *believe* to be the intention of the investigation. Your belief does not suffice to prove your comment true. Offer some facts to support your belief, then perhaps we can discuss that like intelligent adults. "Basically you addressed the color green in the rainbow while ignoring the other 6 colors. heh. Thesis? Call it what you want. I've got another name for it." You can append whatever name you like to my thesis. Perhaps you don't understand the meaning of the term. Consider looking it up, won't you? Perhaps a little more knowledge will help to clear things up for you on this score. A thesis can be as limited or as broad as *the person proposing it* prefers. The broader the thesis, the more proofs required. I like to keep my theses narrow and tightly-focused for just the very reason you have so ably illustrated. Some folks are far too easily distracted by extraneous information and, particularly, by their own subjective agendas and biases. A narrow thesis statement generally helps to avoid such distractions. Generally. As we have seen, though, some folks have far more difficulty focusing than others. Ciao!


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