Brentwood Vandals Avoid Handles, Key Car and Shoot Windows Instead

The three vandalism incidents last week don't make for a crime wave so much as a gentle swell.

If your pump doesn't work, don't blame the handle-stealing vandals; they were misbehaving in other ways last week, according to the Los Angeles Police Department.

The weekly emailed report from Senior Lead Officer Phillip Enbody detailed three vandalism reports: one car-keying, BB shots through a window and broken garden lights in three different Brentwood neighborhoods.

were limited as were residential burglaries.

LAPD's Brentwood Crime Report Sunday, April 3 through Saturday, April 9 # When Where What Robbery X Grand Theft Auto X Burglary/Theft from Automobile 1 04/03/11 2030 hrs 300 Oceano Dr Smashed window, nothing taken Assault With A Deadly Weapon X Burglary 1 04/04/11 0300 hrs 11700 Wilshire Blvd Smashed window, cash taken  2 04/09/11 0830 hrs 12300 Wilshire Blvd Pried doors, gold coins taken. 6 suspects all male black 508-604 165-220 lbs 18-25 yrs Theft 1 04/03/11 0900 hrs 11800 Goshen Ave Bicycle taken from garage 2 04/07/11 0200 hrs 200 S. Barrington Ave Documents taken from home  Vandalism 1 04/04/11 1700 hrs 900 S. Barrington Ave Vehicle keyed 2 04/08/11 0900 hrs 100 S. Anita Ave Smashed garden lights 3 04/08/11 2300 hrs 800 S. Westgate Ave Shot window out with BB gun Battery X Sex Crimes X
Reza Gostar April 12, 2011 at 10:16 PM
Bob Dylan! You're officially me hero Dennis :)


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