Brentwood Police Blotter: Transient Arrested for Attempted Murder in Stabbing

Check here for incidents reported by the LAPD from Dec. 11-Dec. 31.

The following information is from the LAPD West L.A. Division regarding incidents reported by the from Dec. 11-Dec. 31. 


ADW (Assault with a Deadly Weapon):  1

Attempt Murder: Transient vs Transient

Mayfield Ave / San Vicente                            

On 12/18/13 at approx. 6:00 am, the victim and suspect were drinking together when they became involved in an argument. The suspect became angry and stabbed the victim multiple times with a knife.  The suspect fled the location and a witness called 911 to get help for the victim. The victim was transported to UCLA Hospital with life threatening injuries. 

Suspect #1: Male, White, Bald, 5’09”, 41 years old 

Attempt Murder Arrest:

Suspect: Moretto, William                
William Morreto was arrested on 12/25/13 at approximately 11:00 am by West Los Angeles patrol officers for attempt murder (incident described above).  The suspect was observed sitting on a bus bench in the area.  Moretto was taken into custody without incident.


400 N. Bundy Dr
On 12/13/13, between 8:30 am and 3:30 pm, unknown suspect(s) entered the residence through the rear sliding glass door by unknown means and removed a laptop valued at $1,200.00.

100 N. Tigertail Rd
On 12/21/13, between 6:00 pm and 8:00 pm, unknown suspect(s) entered the residence by smashing the glass in the rear door.  Suspect(s) removed jewelry and a purse, a $38,000 loss.

11900 San Vicente (commercial)
Between 12/25/13 at 8:00 pm and 12/27/13 at 10:00 am, unknown suspect(s) pried the business rear door and removed scissors and clippers. Unknown value.

BFMV (Burglary and/or Theft from Motor Vehicle): 2

800 Bringham AveBetween 12-11-13 at 11:00 pm and 12-13-13 at 1:00 pm, while parked in a carport, a laptop and backpack were stolen.

11600 Gorham Street
On 12-30-13, between 4:00 pm and 5:00 pm, the plates from a Honda Pilot were stolen.


500 Tigertail Rd (residence), between 12/13/13 and 12/15/13, unknown suspect(s) removed a fence panel valued at $500.00 from the victim’s fence.
11800 Mayfield Ave # (apartment- garage), between 12/13/13 and 12/14/13, unknown suspect (s) removed the victim’s bike from the apartment garage valued at $100.00.

1100 Barrington Ave (front yard), on 12/14/13 at 9:00 pm, unknown suspect(s) removed the victim’s flag from his front yard valued at $20.00.   

11600 Barrington Ave (business- store front), a named suspect removed a Santa Chair from the front of victim’s business.  Chair valued at $4,200.00.

11800 Wilshire Blvd (sidewalk), on 12/14/13, the victim forgot he left his laptop outside of his business. 25 minutes later he remembered but his laptop valued at $2,600.00 was gone.

11900 Darlington Ave (apartment garage), on 12/16/13, between 7:00 pm and 8:00 pm, unknown suspect(s) removed the victim’s bike valued at $1,550.00. 

11600 Mayfield Ave (apartment- garage), between 12/18/13 and 12/22/13, unknown suspect (s) removed victim’s bike valued at $1,245.00 from apartment garage.

11600 Chenault # (apartment), on 12/21/13, unknown suspect(s) removed a package from the lobby in the victim’s apartment. Package valued at $25.00.          


John jones January 08, 2014 at 12:33 PM
Never enable by giving money to panhandlers. This profession should be shunned. Support business and help the homeless by referring them to Weingart Center or the VA. Say no to panhandling and traffic in Brentwood. And somebody, please tell new guy Bonin to get rid of that Bundy/Mayfield stop sign.


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