San Vicente / Westgate   

01/09/14, 3:30 am                  

Suspects 1 & 2 approached
Victim from behind while walking in an alley. 
Susp-1 struck him with a flashlight knocking him down. Suspects 1 & 2
took Victim’s wallet from his right front pants pocket.

Suspect vehicle: Unknown

Suspect 1: Male, White, 5’04”

Suspect 2: Male, White, 5’07”

ADW (Assault with a Deadly Weapon): 

BURGLARY: 2         

1100 Wellesley

Between 12/22/13
and 01/05/14 unknown suspect(s) entered rear guest house with possible key and removed
laptop and wristwatches.

11300 Isleta

On 01/10/14 between
8:30 am and 2:30 pm, unknown suspect(s) reached into the residence via doggy
door and unlocked the door from inside, entered and removed jewelry and


BFMV (Burglary and/or Theft from Motor
Vehicle): 9


On 01-04-14, between 9:00 pm and 10:30 pm, while parked in a parking
lot, smashed window and removed laptop & backpack

100 Barrington

On 01-05-13, between 8:45 pm and 9:30 am, while parked in a sub-garage,
vehicle door pried and shoes removed            

11800 Gorham

On 01-07-14,
between 11:00 am and 8:30 am, while parked in a sub-garage, Mercedes wheels and
bicycle stolen

11600 Dunstan

On 01-11-14,
between 11:30 pm and 2:45 pm, while parked in a sub-garage, bike rack and
skateboard stolen

11800 Gorham

On 01-11-14,
between 2:00 pm and 9:20 pm, while parked in carport, coat, gym bag, make up

11600 Dunstan                                      

On 01-12-14, between 5:00 pm and 9:30 am, while parked in a carport, tools


On 01-12-14, between 12:00 pm and 11:00 am, while parked on the street,
GPS stolen     

11900 Dorothy

On 01-16-14,
between 11:30 am and 12:15 pm, while parked on the street, punched the lock,
tools stolen

11600 Wilshire

On 01-18-14,
between 7:45 am and 12:20 pm, while parked in a parking lot, smashed window,
stole purse


400 Beloit Ave (residence)

On 01-06-14, unknown suspect(s)
removed victim’s property during an open house at her home.  An I-Pod valued at $249.00.

11600 Wilshire Blvd

On 01-08-14 between 11:15 am and
11:35 am, suspect entered a real estate office and removed an I-iPad from the
victim’s desk valued at $800.00.

2200 Canna Road (Construction site)                                 

On 01-08-14, an unknown
suspect removed the victim’s property from a pole in his backyard.  DVR & modem valued at $485.00

 400 N. Robinwood Road (Construction site)

Between 01-08-14 and
01-09-14, an unknown suspect cut the chain link fence and removed 2 jumper jack
compactor tools valued at $5,800.00.

Wilshire/Bundy (business)

On 01-10-14, between 8:00 am
and 8:30 am, unknown suspect(s) removed victim’s secured bike in front of market
valued at $2,500.00.

800 Westgate (apartment-garage)                  

On 01-17-14, unknown suspect(s)
removed the victim’s property from apartment garage area. An armoire valued at $10,000.00

500 S. Barrington (apartment–garage)

On 01-17-14 between 10:00 am and
6:00 pm, unknown suspect(s) removed the victim’s property.  A bike valued at $599.33


John jones January 23, 2014 at 11:11 AM
Not good. Especially concerning lately is crime and even graffiti north of Sunset. Be vigilant and protect each other. Somebody please get Bonin to remove the Bundy/Mayfield stop sign. Meanwhile honk your horn at this intersection. Say no to traffic, car fumes and crime on the Westside.


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