Letter: Reduced Police Force Leaves Businesses Vulnerable

City council candidate Kimberly Fine aims to shore up the police force and work with businesses to promote the local economy, writes Vicki Anson.

In my 30 years as a Redondo Beach business owner, I have never felt this discouraged about the problems facing merchants along the Pacific Coast Highway business corridor.

Two years ago, robbers entered my store in broad daylight, at gunpoint, bound and beat me then ransacked my business. Months earlier a nearby merchant suffered a similar violent, daytime robbery. Police caught one suspect hiding near Parras Middle School.

Since then, the city has reduced (yes, reduced) police staffing, leaving merchants and local neighborhoods feeling even more vulnerable.

The adverse economic climate has increased the number of business failures and presence of the homeless in the area. Most shops in my location stand vacant; camps set up behind empty storefronts and panhandling on the sidewalk intimidate customers—a terrible environment for business.

Riviera Village business owners seem to get attention, while Pacific Coast Highway businesses get clobbered. I have watched 50 percent of my sales evaporate. I’d like to see a united business front between the Pacific Coast Highway corridor to Riviera Village.

City council candidate Kimberly Fine visited my store to discuss police staffing to improve both business conditions and residential neighborhood safety. She has reached out to local churches to work with the unfortunate homeless. She wants to work with all businesses—not just Riviera Village—to revitalize our commerce.

Voters please consider all the issues facing our city and elect council committed to the interest of all Redondo Beach businesses and residents. My business depends on this climate change. Am I alone?

Vicki Anson
Vicki’s Antiques & Fine Art
Redondo Beach

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Robert Keane January 20, 2013 at 04:03 PM
That is a horrible thing to have to happen to anyone. I hope that the dialogue in this city moves on to the real issues (like violent crime) that we are facing.
Diane Naletich January 20, 2013 at 04:33 PM
Absolutely awful. I had no idea. We definitely have a serious problem here in our city.
Jeff Ginsburg January 21, 2013 at 05:18 PM
Hi Vicki! Please let me know what's the best time for me to stop by and lets chat about your situation; I agree the BID we organized for the Riviera Village 10 years ago has made an incredible difference with how we get things done and perhaps something along those lines would benefit the PCH businesses as well? I can discuss with you how the process works...in fact North Redondo Beach is looking to do the same thing following our BID as a template...we're happy to share our ideas with all that are interested :)
James McLeod January 23, 2013 at 03:34 AM
How can you tell the homeless to leave after feeding them on a weekly basis. Maybe the church's can provide beds as well . Then they can really help these unfortunate ones. These people will only end up somewhere in town if not.


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