PHOTO: Man With 3 Mules Walks Along San Vicente Boulevard

A not-so-typical glimpse of life around Brentwood.

Post updated 6:01 p.m., April 2:

Do you like to take pictures? Have you recently captured a shot of something neat in town?

Patch user Ilise Friedman sent in a photo she took in her car on Monday, April 1 of a man walking three mules along the median of San Vicente Boulevard in Brentwood. Friedman said she saw them walking around 5:30 p.m. Did you?

A Reddit user posted a picture of the same man with his mules at the beach in Santa Monica Monday. A closer look at the Reddit photo shows one mule with a website link painted on a cloth on the saddle, linking to 3mules.com. It further highlights photos and a story behind the man and his three mules.

Brentwood Patch Facebook users chimed in Tuesday afternoon of the sighting:

Marla Matthias Yes I saw him!

Carrie Adelson I saw him! Tried to take a photo but couldn't .

Since the original posting of these photos, more links have surfaced about "Little Girl," "Lady" and "Pepper" who were seen in San Diego County in late February with their owner John Sears who goes by the name "Mule," reports ABC10. Sears told the reporter he intends to live a simple life with his three mules.

Mule was seen with his three mules in tow in January on Sunset Boulevard elsewhere in L.A., reports RootSimple.com.

Thanks Ilise for sending in the photo!

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