405 Freeway Retaining Wall Buckles at Skirball

A section of retaining wall along the Sepulveda Pass collapsed somewhat under the pressure of last week's wind storm, Fox 11 reported.

A retaining wall which holds the I-405 Freeway onramp to the Skirball Center is beginning to buckle, Fox 11 reported Friday.

Metro told Fox 11 that the strong winds from last week are the cause of the damage to the wall. There are 18 such retaining walls in the freeway widening project.

Fox spoke with residents of the nearby Mountaingate Community who wanted to know if the same will happen to the remaining retaining walls.

"I'm sure they're very concerned, but we have an intense quality assurance team, quality care, and were going to be evaluating all of these walls and see what exactly happened and how we can prevent it from happening in the future," Kasey Shuda, acting manager of community relations for the Sepulveda Pass Improvements Project, told Fox 11.

Metro won't know what caused the damage for a several weeks.

"The contractor is currently investigating and has brought in forensic experts to determine the cause," Shuda wrote in an email to Patch. "We cannot speculate as to what the cause may be."

What do you think caused the retaining wall to buckle? Tell us in the comments.


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