Where's the Best Place in Brentwood for a First Date?

In the spirit of Valentine's Day, where would you go in Brentwood if you were out on your first date?

As Valentine's Day approaches, I need your help in telling us where to take that special someone you just met on a first date.

Do you go for traditional dinner and a movie, go for a hike, stroll the shops of Brentwood Village, San Vicente Boulevard and 26th and San Vicente or possibly go somewhere educational like the Getty Center?

I asked users on Brentwood Patch's Facebook and Twitter pages and here's some of the responses so far:

Marcello Lopez pizzicato

Scott Katz I'm Torn between by 3 faves, Enzo's & Angela's, Toscano and Pizzicato.

kissalex ‏@kissalex @BrentwoodPatch Bar Toscana without a doubt!

k.Wang ‏@kevins_fingers @BrentwoodPatch coral tree cafe is really nice and they have a bomb meatloaf sandwich

Amy Turman ‏@amyturman@BrentwoodPatch Tavern or Pizzicotto. Hands down.

And if you're running low on ideas, check out this top five Brentwood dating destinations post from 2011.

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