New Asian Shaved Ice Bar Opening in Brentwood

The Sweet Crush Ice Bar will bring Asian shaved ice and snow desserts to Brentwood in July.

Just in time for , the Sweet Crush Ice Bar comes to San Vicente Boulevard in Brentwood serving shaved ice treats.

According to Sweet Crush's Facebook page, the store will provide "the exquisite taste and sculpted artistry of Asian shaved ice and 'snow' desserts."

On its on Facebook and Twitter pages, the store has been hinting at some of its concoctions, one involving mojito, pear, green apple and earl grey.

Sweet Crush will have a signature menu, but will also allow customers to mix and match their own flavors and toppings.

The store, located at 11761 San Vicente Blvd., just west of , will also feature color-changing snowflakes indented on its walls, according to Grub Street L.A.

"Sweet Crush expects to be under construction for several more weeks and is still hiring staff and finalizing the menu," according to management.

According a recent Craigslist ad, Sweet Crush is looking to hire workers for various positions. Its latest evening shift will end at midnight, according to the ad, so you'll most definitely be able to get your late-night frozen treat fill.


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