Q&A with Classic Pilates Body's Rachel Lotspeich

The Brentwood fitness studio has helped transform the bodies of many in the 90049.

Even though summer has ended and we've retired our swimsuits, staying fit and healthy is a necessity year-round. Someone who thoroughly understands this concept is Rachel Lotspeich, a fitness enthusiast and owner of Brentwood's studio.

Since February 2009, Lotspeich has helped transform the bodies of many 90049 residents. Ideal for those who desire a low-impact workout that will elongate and tighten muscles in all areas of the body, this local establishment offers affordable rates in a professional and serene environment.

Patch interviews Lotspeich to learn more about the Pilates method and the amenities her studio offers.


Brentwood Patch: How did Classic Pilates Body originate?

Rachel Lotspeich: I opened my first studio in Brentwood through, I believe, fate or serendipity, as I had some equipment in a studio in Santa Monica, and came up to Brentwood purely to check out the new —my favorite coffee shop.

I didn't really know Brentwood that well, but when I was at Caffe Luxxe, Mark, the owner, mentioned that the landlord was looking for a yoga or pilates studio to open inside the building. Jim Rosenfield, the realtor, happened to be in the courtyard, so Mark introduced us and the rest is history. 


Patch: What does the Classic Pilates Body workout entail?

Lotspeich: Our workout is based on the traditional, "New York method" that Joseph Pilates invented. Clients perform exercises on the Pilates equipment he had made by Gratz Industries.

A standard session is 55 minutes long and the client generally works out on each piece of equipment. That includes some time on the reformer, cadillac, wunda chair, electric chair, mat exercises, and of course, all of the auxillary pieces.

We move through the "levels" of flexion, extension, rotation, and perform a combination of the three during the workout. However, we also listen to the client's needs and address them on an individual basis. For example, someone who really wants to work on their arms or legs.


Patch: When can a Classic Pilates Body student expect to see results?

Lotspeich: Everyone progresses at their own rate, but you can expect to feel a difference in 10 sessions and see results in 20 sessions. Clients gain a much better mind-body awareness and are more attuned to their posture. Obviously the more often you do pilates, the faster the results; but even clients who workout once a week notice the improvements. We always share exercises that can be done at home, also.


Patch: Why will Brentwood students enjoy this studio, as opposed to others in the area?

Lotspeich: We are a studio focused on the workout and the individual so there is no "one size fits all" teaching style here. I like the "no attitude" approach. It seems to work, as we have great clients, everybody gets along, and they come to workout.

Brentwood clients are great because they are a dedicated bunch. They commit to their workout and are serious about wanting to improve. We have an amazing light-filled studio, a huge/free validated parking lot, and the best coffee shop at the front of the building to reward yourself afterwards if you choose.


Patch: What pricing packages do you offer?

Lotspeich: We offer a great introductory package to see if you like us, the style, and the studio, for $165 for 3 individual sessions. This allows the client to get a feel for what we offer at a reduced rate.

I now also offer a 45 minute session for $55 for those either short on time or funds. This is only 10 minutes less than the regular session but at least $15 less than the individual session price.

I feel the prices at Classic Pilates Body are fair, and I did a lot of research before opening to see what other studios were charging to make sure we were more in the moderate range. All of our instructors go through one of the most intensive and time consuming programs out there before they're certified to teach, so you know you're getting someone who really knows what they are doing.

If any readers would like to come and check us out, I will offer the discounted price of $130 for the introductory package, a saving of $35 on the regular rate.

We also offer duets, where you can bring a friend and workout together, at lower rates than individual sessions.

Our website has all the pricing information and you can also read about the instructors and their different backgrounds. I am always happy to answer any questions via email at info@classicpilatesbody.com or call (310) 472-2900.


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