Celebrity Laser Spa Acquires Breakthrough PicoSure Laser

Dr. Alex Kaplan, cosmetic surgeon of the notable Brentwood-based tattoo removal clinic, says the laser delivers short bursts of energy to the skin in trillionths of a second to clear almost all tattoos.

One of Los Angeles' busiest tattoo removal practices, Celebrity Laser Spa located on San Vicente Boulevard in Brentwood, is claiming it's the only clinic in the city to get the recently FDA-approved PicoSure Laser by Cynosure, a cosmetic treatment manufacturer.

According to Dr. Alex Kaplan, cosmestic surgeon there since 2005, the Picosure Laser is ushering the biggest technological breakthrough to remove tattoos, where many cases only require three to five treatments for complete removal.

Watch this YouTube video of Dr. Kaplan, published April 14, using the PicoSure Laser. It's also attached to this post.

Over the past several decades, Kaplan said tattoo removal has grown as rapidly as their popularity, however technology for removal has remained stable. The Q-Switched YAG laser has been the primary treatment available for the last 10 years, where it took nearly 20 treatments over a long period of time may be required, with varying success, according to Kaplan.

He said the PicoSure™ Laser delivers short bursts of energy to the skin in trillionths of a second and more rapidly clears almost all tattoos, especially blue and green colors which have been difficult to remove by other lasers.

For more information on Celebrity Laser Spa and Dr. Kaplan, view the Yelp reviews, a 2011 review by LAWeekly and the business website.

For more information on the PicoSure Laser, visit Cynosure's website.

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