5 Things You Should Know

Brentwood Community Council looks to fill seats; Council finalizes San Vicente Median Etiquette Proposal; LAPD public safety meeting; Thursday story time at the library; National Public Radio's Ira Glass at Brentwood School.

1. The Brentwood Community Council (BCC) has extended the deadline for board nominations to Jan. 19. Do you live in Brentwood? Do you want to help continue to make Brentwood a great place to live? Run for a seat on the council. Still open are positions representing public safety, public schools, private schools, multi-family housing, environmental, ministerial/congregational, member-at-large, San Vicente Business District, volunteer service groups.

2. The BCC seeks input from residents on San Vicente median etiquette. The council is drafting a proposal on what it feels is proper and improper behavior on the Scenic Corridor. Such suggestions pertain to large events held on San Vicente and appropriate times to play loud music and amplified sound. The BCC will submit its proposal to the Los Angeles City Council for a final decision.

Email your suggestions for the council to jared.morgan@patch.com

3. The South Brentwood Residents Association is holding a public safety meeting at the on Thursday at 6:30 p.m. to help residents combat crime. LAPD Officer Phillip Enbody will present ways to make your home a "hard target," or more difficult for criminals to take advantage of.

4. It's at the on Thursday at 3 p.m. Join other stamp enthusiasts and swap stamp stories from various parts of the globe.

5. Tickets are still available to see . The NPR correspondent and host of "This American Life" will talk about his life and journalism career on Jan. 22 at 4 p.m.

Have a news tip or anything you think Brentwood should know? Email Brentwood Patch editor Jared Morgan: jared.morgan@patch.com


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