Brentwood Musician Tours With Candlebox

Brentwood resident Michael Gossard was groomed for music from a young age. Patch asks him about his background in music and what it was like growing up in Brentwood.

For 20-year-old musician and Brentwood resident Michael Gossard, being away from home is hard. He spends eight months a year on the road touring with his band, ACIDIC, he said. The group is currently on a cross-country tour with Candlebox. Patch caught up with Gossard between gigs.
Patch: What's it like living in Brentwood?

Gossard: I have always lived in Brentwood. I grew up there and it is where I call home. I love the greenery, the trees, the escape from the city while still being so close to the major urban centers. It has always been peaceful, I never had to worry as a child about being in danger. I was able to explore and be at peace.
What are some of your favorite places in Brentwood?

I frequent the local village off of Barrington. I love the food selection there. It is surprisingly diverse.
What schools did you go to?

My very first school ever was on San Vicente but I was so young I don't remember much about it except for this nice teacher named Miss Gerre. I went to on Saltair and Sunset and that is where many of my first memories took place. I received a top-notch early education from that fine institution and then I transferred to in Encino where I finished my education. And I spent part of one summer at Idyllwild School of Music and the Arts in the music theater program.
Tell me about your music background and how you got into performing.

I started playing guitar and singing when I was a little kid. From the time I could talk I was playing guitar and singing. I started doing musical theater when I was young and toured in my first rock band when I was 13. That was when I decided that music was for me.
What kind of music, what bands did you listen to growing up?

I grew up listening to the Beatles and the Rolling Stones. They were my first influences in rock 'n' roll. From there I moved on to Green Day and the Red Hot Chili Peppers and My Chemical Romance. It moved progressively from that point on. I was always drawn to rock music.
If I were to snag your iPod right now and thumb through it, what songs would you have on it?

You would find "Let It Be," "American Idiot," "Peace Frog" and "Light My Fire." These are a few of my absolute favorites.
You're going on tour with Candlebox, are you a fan? Don't lie. I won't tell them.

I am a big fan of Candlebox. I listen to everything from "Far Behind" to "Cover Me" and I am decidedly drawn to their music. I have been since I was a child.


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