Rich People Need to Pay "Their Fair Share"

As part of the fiscal cliff negotiations, Democrats claim that the "rich" must pay "their fair share". Let's talk about who those people are, and make sure that they pay up!

With all the "fiscal cliff" talk revolving around the rich paying "their fair share", we ought to spend some time figuring out who these "rich" people are make sure they pay up.

I am a rich person. At least, that's what the five billion people who live in the third world would say. I have a TV, a car, place to live. I can eat three meals a day, and I have real red meat in every meal, too. When I got out for a walk at night, I do not worry about marauding thugs or rogue police harassing me. I know that if I have a need, I can get what I am looking for without having to bribe public officials. Am I supposed to pay more of "my fair share"?

My neighbor is richer than I. He has a full-time job teaching elementary school students in school that is not too far away. He likes his job. In the sense of job satisfaction, he is definitely rich. In fact, most of my neighbors are richer than I, too. They live well-off enough that they can call the police if they get into trouble, and the fire department will arrive in time if they need someone to put out their fires. They all go to work and get by and get ahead in their own ways. Sometimes, I think that they should pay for all the good that they have compared to me.

Since I am like so many other Americans, in that daily life for me is nothing but luxury compared to the lives of the majority of people in the world, do the Democrats want every American to pay "their fair share"?

The mayor of my home town (Torrance) is rich. Frank Scottoowns "Frank Scotto Towing", and small businessmen are making money if they are still in business. Republican Bill Sutherland, the councilman who endorsed a Democrat for State Assembly, is probably rich, too. Assemblyman-elect Al Muratsuchi is definitely rich. All of those hundreds of thousands of dollars that he received to falsely malign against another rich businessman, well certainly he did not have to "work" for that money. He has a big pension waiting for him when he retires. It's time for them to pay "their fair share".

Bernard Parks of the LA City Council  is also very rich. He was the LAPD Chief of Police, and he retired with a six figure per annum pension. As a member of the City Council, he will get another pension. This does not seem "fair"; he ought to pay his "fair share", too. How many other police chiefs in Los Angeles County or other high-level administrators are getting six-figure salaries right now, and expect to take home six figure pensions when they retire? They should pay up, too. (And how about that Robert Rizzo guy from Bell, California? What happened to him? Is he paying his "fair share"?)

Everybody loves to pile on the Koch Brothers, those "wicked businessmen from Kansas". While we're at it, George Soros, the multi-millionaire who makes more money than I breathe in air, he should be paying "his fair share", too. And Nancy Pelosi, Henry Waxman, and the rest of the Congressional delegation in California: what do they pay in taxes? Are they going to take advantage of the ObamaCare "health exchanges", just as everyone else will, or will they pass and coast on their "Cadillac" Congressional health insurance? They need to pay "their fair share."

Public sector unions are rich, too. They take money from member whom they "represent" and  further the "interests" of their employees and the schools they work in. Unions do not hire more teachers, or protecting young teachers who are easily intimidated, or give students a quality education (since they cannot chose the school they enroll in). Unions leadership inches up incremental pay increases on an arbitrary salary schedule, while the same leaders make lots of money. They need to pay "their fair share".

On the subject of unions, pensions, and wealth, Mark Berndt, the alleged predator-perpetrator from Miramonte Elementary, is rich, too. He will receive $4,000 a month pension package. SB 1530 would have prevented teachers who committed felonious acts in the classroom from working with children, nor would they be able to collect their pensions. The same union interests that supported Al Muratsuchi, that funded state senator Ted Lieu and many other Sacramento Democrats, they helped kill that bill.

Unions are rich, aren't they? It's time for them to pay "their fair share".

With all of these wealthy Democratic donors, politicians, and public sector unions, (along with "the rest of us") paying "their fair share", there is no further reason for us to care about where we share or how we spare other people's wares.

Then again, perhaps we would should beware of people who say that "they" must pay "their fair share" in the first place, because "they" seems to leave out a lot of people who should be paying more, while the "share" get passed on to the rest of us.

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