Friends Seek Homes for Pets of Cyclist Killed by Los Al Driver

Six cats, two rats, a dog and several mice and fish are left alone after a Long Beach woman died after she was struck by a van Tuesday.

When Susan Curtis  the Long Beach woman left behind a lot of friends: Most where human, but a large number weren't.

Now some of those human friends are trying to find homes for the nonhuman ones — Curtis' six cats, two rats, her dog, her snake and several mice and fish. 

“She was a champion for animals and spent a good majority of her time trying to rescue or find homes for animals,” said Melissa Knievel in an email.

Knievel is a friend and the owner of Up Up & Away Kites on Main Street in Seal Beach, where Curtis' worked for seven years. 

“She could never turn a blind eye to an animal in need … one of the reasons she ended up with so many.”

Knievel said that most of the animals have been taken to Long Beach Animal Care Services Shelter and will be available for adoption Jan. 30 but interested people can go and visit them and put a hold on them.

“Now it’s our turn to pay her back for fighting for so many animals,” Knievel said. “If there is anything we can do for her, it would be to make sure her animals find loving, caring, and stable homes. She would be heartbroken to know her animals are in a shelter. ... They are safe, but they are scared and confused about this new world they have been thrown into without their 'mom," 

According to the Long Beach Police Department, Curtis was crossing Bellflower Street against a red light on her bike Tuesday evening when she was struck by a van. Transported to a nearby hospital, she died of her injuries four hours later.

Dexter the snake has found a home with one of the police officers working Curtis’ case, but it’s not certain if it’s a permanent home.

The animals are at the Long Beach Animal Care Services Shelter, 7700 East Spring Street, Long Beach. For more information call Phone (562) 570-7387 or visit  www.longbeach.gov.acs

To see pictures of some of the animals and their identification numbers, click through the attached photos. 

Patch reporter Nancy Wride contributed to this story.

S.A.P. January 20, 2013 at 05:29 PM
What kind of fish? What kind of snake?
Nancy Wride January 20, 2013 at 10:00 PM
Good question. More details are probably available at the store where she worked, Up, Up and Away, at 562-596-7661 or http://www.upupandawaykites.com/
Ellen Odell January 21, 2013 at 04:39 PM
The animals are safe at the shelter; last I heard they were in the ISO bldg, thus not available to be seen by the public. They are on a "safe keeping" ten day hold. That being said... the young man who hit her is probably going through enough trauma as it is. He did NOT kill her - she essentially killed herself. Please don't make this any harder on him with that totally misleading headline
Joanne Craine January 21, 2013 at 04:45 PM
My heart aches for the young driver of the van who's life will be forever changed because of the actions of the cyclist. I feel the Patch was very insensitive with the headline of this article. Perhaps 'Friends seek homes for pets of cyclist who died in accident.' The driver did not 'kill' her. My sympathy to the friends and family of Susan Curtis.
enea ostrich January 27, 2013 at 06:22 AM
A cyclist who was an animal lover is gone and a young man suffers in silence, hoping for answers. What we get later in life, older than this young man, naturally, is that life cannot always be fair and in order to let go of life's inconsistencies, we must forgive ourselves for being human, full of emotion, which is what we were designed to be like. We must forgive, period. To get to that point though,well, is the hardest part of all. God bless everyone in this instance.


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