Brentwood's Whole Foods Holding Support Day for the Coral Trees

On Wednesday, five percent of net proceeds go toward Brentwood's Coral Tree Endowment Fund, to ensure future care.

The coral tree love continues Wednesday in Brentwood.

Whole Foods holds its Community Support Day where the store donates five percent of net sales to Brentwood's coral tree endowment fund to ensure continuing care to the area's iconic trees that line San Vicente Boulevard.

"The Coral Tree Endowment Fund is a community effort to raise funds to trim and care for the Brentwood Coral Trees that line the median on San Vicente Boulevard," said Nancy Freedman, president of the Brentwood Community Council, which started the fund. "Due to lack of funds, the city cannot trim them, so the community has started an endowment to provide for their longevity."

In 2012 Whole Foods Market in Brentwood gave nearly $8,000 to local organizations, including The Giving Spirit and Friends of the Donald Bruce Kaufman Brentwood Library.

"As a company we are committed to affecting change – not only in how our shoppers look at food – but in the communities in which they live, work and play," said Deb Hartle, Whole Foods Market Marketing Supervisor. "We chose the Coral Tree Endowment Fund because the coral trees are emblematic of this neighborhood and their upkeep benefits fellow businesses, residents and visitors alike."

Students from Brentwood School did their part last week to promote helping coral tree care.

For more information to help the coral trees, click here.

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