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Libertarian Mark M. Herd 4/Congress 6/3

That's right, he's a tax and spend Democrap! Matt Miller worked for Dick Cheneys old company the CFR and Wendy Cruel sucks in Special interest money faster than Marianne Williams sucks in Katy Perry cash. Both love to shop and this weekend is the annual election sale. Sure to see Wendy and Marianne at the mall this weekend! And what about Elan Carr? Hey George Bush is coming back in the form of JED BUSH and Elan Carr is just the kind of WAR MONGERING rebloodlican we need to support our future BUSH presidents. So who's left, well you can't go dem or rep cause they BOTH voted to send 85.5 BILLION to AFGHANISTAN, they BOTH voted to DOMESTICALLY spy on your ass! Wendy Cruel and Ted Lieuser did NOTHING on FRACKING or GMO labeling. So here's your best picks.......GO GREEN OR LIBERTARIAN. Do you like Ron Paul, vote Libertarian. Are you sick of a dying planet, vote green. Either is better than ANY Democrip or Rebloodlican. We need that 85.5 billion here, not in Afghanistan!
Vote green or libertarian.
Thank you and God Bless from the Libertarians of SoCal
also you can see all the candidates at in debate on youtube video for free at:


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